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i don't know what to do


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Hello, Charlie, welcome!

I'm sorry you're experiencing this :( . Have you had panic attacks before?

Have you already tried some strategies to cope with them? For instance:



(A quote from the 2nd website: "The good news about panic attack symptoms is that they are highly treatable, with many excellent options to help people keep them under control.")

Would you describe what was the fight about and why you think it made such an impact on you?

Take care!

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Hello, Charlieharris. I hear you that this is a lot to cope with. :( Are your parents supportive and are you able to share with them your level of distress? Are you able to care for yourself during these times of stress? Have you tried taking some deep breaths? Sometimes a physical action such as breathing or counting can redirect the brain's focus. Do you know what you feel anxious about? I'm also interested in your answers to the questions Vic asked, if you feel comfortable sharing.

Charlie, I'm sorry things are difficult for you. It can be challenging during times of struggle to see any light or feel hope, but things can get better, even if it's hard to see the possibility right now. Change is always happening, and sometimes change can be positive too.

I hope you will continue to reach out for help. Take care of yourself.

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