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Asif Kamal

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28 days later starts my exam. an exam that will decide where I can study for higher education. but I am really weak at memorizing, like for subjects as Botany and Zoology. so I need a way to concentrate and to get unimportant shits outta my head what can I do please!



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Hello, Asif, welcome! :) 

Stress and panic about exams is very commun and if there's such a huge pressure on you, no wonder you have difficulties to concentrate :(.  But this doesn't mean you can't! You, as so many other students, can learn new ways of coping and organizing your work (learning and "life") so that you'll be more efficient and thus also have even more reasons to be confident. Of course you can't/shouldn't be "confident without effort", but... you will make efforts, so... you also need to learn to believe in you capabilities. Perhaps you're not as weak at memorizing as you suppose, you just haven't found the right way to do it yet.

BTW; I, as a student, also quite hated memorizing (well, it depended on what it was about - but yes, Botany and Zoology, although I've always liked biosciences, were among the worse for me, too...). I think the key is to repeat as much as you can (like... when you read a short bit, you read it several times, then you repeat it several times, then you move on, then you repeat this way several bits together, ... and then repeat all this in the second part of your day - after all the learning/"material" you had planned for that day). And don't forget to sleep a lot - it's not a waste of time; on the contrary.

Unimportant stuff if filling your head to distract you from the stress and fear - it's like a natural defence of a part your brain from "the unpleasant emotions". But the rational part of your brain knows that this would only cause you much more distress in the future. When you realize this, you could start gaining better control.

You can find good hints/avises on-line, for instance here:



or perhaps some others, as: http://www.enki-village.com/how-to-concentrate-on-studies.htmlhttps://www.openpolytechnic.ac.nz/current-students/study-tips-and-techniques/study-concentrate-and-remember/how-to-improve-your-concentration/ 

Good luck! (And feel free to come back here anytime and share your experiences, progress, and failures (-they are natural, don't over-react to them ;) ).


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I have a great tip for memory. Mine is Swiss cheese at best and a black hole at worst but I used  a trick to help me memorise every country in the world. I couldn't reel them off now as it was 4 years ago, but it works a treat for studying for a test. The trick is picking a picture then making a story that travels around the picture. You create a little narrative and you can memorise as many things as you like. When you need to remember your answers you remember the story. Very effective if you get anxious before exams. 

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