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I guess i was an unintentional bully


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So I was on this app for poetryour and today I was banned.apart of me thinks I deserve it for what I wrote apart me feels it was justified.the leaders to me had attitudes they were annoying.it was just bad.

So it started with the first lady well just call her Anne. I don't remember the first incident I remember the second was over a hash tag being put in the wrong place and I told her she liked picking on me and she said no she didn't basically but what made me mad was she had someone come in and back up her statement which I felt unnecessary.but I left it alone.there was another time with Anne were we were asking questions about something and she told a guy who asked a question I thought that'd be obvious duh.the third incident was with me she said that if anyone had an ideal for the poetry community then leave a comment.when I put mines she left a message saying we don't need anymore challenges.I guess it's hard to read emotions through text but it sounded rude.

Then there was another leader.don't know her name it was spelled In a different language anyway they had decided several rules within a month apparently we weren't allowed to use pictures unless we asked the authors permission online also we weren't allowed to go in chat and consol someone who was feeling depressed. Anyway this newest rule was we couldn't use self harm poetry anymore. And I told the leader that the site had become one of  the strictest places on that app and the girl blew up at me.how is this one of the strictest place?stay out of things you don't understand ect. I had told her I was encouraging people to leave though I didnt. And then the craziest thing happened i apologized and she still was rude.

So a few days ago we had this challenge about hope that said write a time you felt hopeless but they said we couldn't talk about depression self harm or suicide.now I don't write about those things away but I didn't understand about this depression but so I asked and the person said it's against the guidelines.then another person says the same thing finally the girl the leader whose name i can't understand says it and I'm like this is not the three musketeers I don't need everyone telling me the same thing.and she's telling me I bet you I did this on purpose  and I told her she didn't know how to count finally someone told us to stop.

Then yesterday I was sick and not having a good day so I went on the poetry app and wrote something I was hopeless about and that was basically the group.what I said was not very nice I admit.I insulted someones language and talked about how I'd been harassed and didn't want to be bothered tI'll someone fired the leaders and made changes. Almost immediately after someone pulled me into a chat and asked why I did not like the leaders and I explained then I said it was between me and them .finalay today I was banned.

I guess I was a bully towards the end but I didn't start off that way.also for me Im normally shy in person the Internet is easier for me to express my emotion which is a good and bad thing.I followed the rules there despite not understanding and I would have done great but if I hadon't been banned me and the leaders would have constantly  gone at it.

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