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I have romantic feelings for a girl months older than me or my age. I like her  she talks to me and she has nice friendly face. Her physivally front chest is normal. But my worry is she is short and small but cute then mind thought what if im attracted to her because she is small and cute and body not looking like a kim kardashian of a sort. Mind got anxious thinking i have romantic feelings for a girl my age that is short and cute and small hands, mind thought i have attraction for children and mind thought i was attracted to her because she might children features not sure but got anxious. I think im attracted to her face and her as a person but i think she is cute amd how short,small she is can be appealing to me. Am i overthinking this or is this ocd or anxiety or my paranoia flaring up.

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Having an attraction for small, cute women is normal. She's not a child, she's just small and cute, who doesn't like that? Now tall girls, they intimidate me lol. It makes you look bigger too, taller, can't argue with that. You're over thinking a normal attraction I think. Has somebody said something to you? These things normally come from idiot friends making stupid comments. Hope you go for it, seems a shame to miss out on a potential relationship over this. 

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