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Lilly Allen about small d*cks

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6 hours ago, 51 Years of Misery said:

Just happen to log onto this film only got 20 seconds in.


That one is brutal, the guy looks like he wants to floor to swallow him up. Please tell me it's a grower? Why, are you gonna suck it if it is, Davina? "Your winkle" Oh, my penis size? That's not personal at all. Let's talk about how you were a toothless alcoholic crack whore, or is that too personal? Fucking hell lol. 

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I have studied this extensively (as most of you probably have), and there are definitely some women who avidly prefer large cocks, but they are a minority. I know this because i used to be a cuckold and even among the women who were interested in pursuing that type of lifestyle with me, most didn't really like them too big. But most women everywhere prefer about average or a little more. And almost no women want anything under 4 inches, unless they're unusually small down there themselves, like my wife happens to be.

So, there is a basis in reality for us to wish we were bigger. But the cultural phenomenon of shaming us for it is a whole other beast that at its worst, sucks our souls into an abyss. I dealt with this by acting out the most depraved fantasies of small penis humiliation that i could, including cuckolding, and in a sick way it helped. But my now wife has said she won't do that, which leaves me fantasizing alone and in secret again. If i am not fantasizing and sexualizing my small size, i just feel small and useless and worthless. So it's a coping mechanism that feeds the cycle all over again, like an addiction.



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