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Replying to this ^^^ post, I found something online called the "Small Penis Bible" by a guy calling himself "Ant Smith". I was unaware of this book; it must be fairly recent because it mentions that nude painting of D. Trump from last year. It also provides a link to this very community in a support section of the book. Here's the guy's website: 


I'm not sure who he is or what he does, but apparently he has a small penis. Just thought I'd share. I'm sick of thinking about penises so I'm not sure if I'll read it, but I might order the ebook at some point. 

Read at your own discretion though - the few pages I could browse freely on Google books didn't do much for my self esteem. It seems to be more or less a recapitulation of every talking point discussed on this forum, retaining only the positive ones, naturally. So I'm not sure how much of it will be original to regular visitors of this site. 

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I clicked the link but didn't read past the first page.  Speaking only for myself I am at this point only interested in optimizing what I have using good nutrition & some yogaish stretching and squatting that I occasionally do.  My sincere hope is that anyone reading this finds peace w the issue in whatever fashion works for them.  

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Yeah, I mainly posted it in response to CNL mentioning books, although I think he had something different in mind. I'm tired of this topic myself. My advice to young guys struggling with sps is mostly the same, optimize whatever physical advantages you have (including brains) and forget the rest. Dump the porn if you can use these advantages to meet women, or at least afford prostitutes. Personally, I would strongly urge young guys in USA to avoid 4 year universities and instead look for technical schools. There is no degree you can get at a university that will give you any skills beyond being some form of expendable middle manager cubicle rat. The only exception to this would be if you had intentions of going to med school, otherwise it's a waste of money and your twenties, and there are a boatload of other reasons to avoid university as well. Just my two cents based on a failed life. 

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It seemed like a pretty useless book tbh, but what can you actually say about small cocks so it doesn't seem like a novelty book a woman would buy for someone at the office she didn't like for secret Santa? (That happened to my uncle, she bought him chocolate cocks, he was livid haha). It seemed ok just with the illustrations and crap it kind of looks like a joke book and takes from the issue and caters for hen nights or something. 

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