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Small trigger warning my cousin after hospital


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I just got out of the hospital today to find my 16 year old cousin has a black eye for two days after his father punched him in it. His mother did not take him to the hospital his grandmother found out and was crying on the phone apparently he beats the boy and his mother.went to jail for beating his last girlfriend almost to death.my cousin can't hear out of one ear and he was being told not to take his adhd medication.cops thought because my cousin is big that they'd got into a confrontation but apparently his dad just has anger issues and my cousin wets the bed at 16.he has not wanted to go home at times.his mother everyone is really mad she'd stay with such a guy at the risk of her child being beaten
My cousin when we younger he used to try and get sexual with me at 14 doing things I won't mention but I said stop and still it didn't stop and my mom was upstairs i was very hurt by this but I've learned,more about this over the years after another cousin the boy did things to her.apparently when he was around that age his father would often have him watch porn.i believe this is why this kid is so messed because of a terrible home life.my father makes jokes about him being gay and a molester.ive laughed before I'll admit but it's really not funny cause anything is possible but also it's not right to label people. Never again will i be such a fool never again will the cat goddess cry out to soon.
Words form my poetry. But the story is true just that last line

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