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Im starting to have old panics today i went to lunch with my dad and brother and we went to this cool nature reserve and now im just in full panic cause i feel my dad is doing this cause he doesn't know how much time he has left with us his brothers all died in there fiftys hes fifty one now. He gave me a photo of when he was younger.hes doing all these good things for people feeding and giving water to homeless he even talks about losing his memory to old age.i cant live without him.we treated eachother badly at a time in my life.but if he goes i want to go to.my mother has my siblings i cant be without my dad even if i am closer to my mom.but if i just went in a few months from now maybe i coukd just remember both my parents and family as alive.i always. Screw up on things so i dont want to try but if i could find a way could i do it?i just wonder.

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If you truly love your dad, as it's obvious you do, you should respect what he would want, and that is obviously for you to stop harming yourself and considering suicide. Death is an unavoidable part of life for everyone, the only thing to do is treat the time you have as precious. So, spend time with him, worrying will get you no where, and thinking of suicide isn't what he would want.

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