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Hello everyone. I have been reading this forum on and off for almost two years now, and I just want to say there is hope for all of us. Life is not about focussing on the negative, but trying to focus on the positive. We are all humans and we all have faults, so we have to think positively and remind ourselves about the good things in life. In the end, we have the freedom to choose the light or the dark, and the light leads the way while the dark will make us all lost. Shit happens, we are not all going to be perfect. With enough practice, our problems can be forgotten. Life is too short and soon we will be deceased, so pick your best version and live it! I hope my words have helped.

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10 hours ago, YahwehOrTheHighway said:

☮ So what's your story, Poet. Has this affected you at some point? 

Yes. It has effected me for most of my life, and sometimes I slip into dark times. But with enough practice and positivity, i've been able to see the glass half full. It isn't easy but it's better than the alternative. What's your story? How are you dealing?

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You can check out my old posts, I go into detail there. My Short Story was one of the first I think. I'm doing ok atm, I'm doing better this summer than any summer previous, some of that I owe to the forum. I'm feeling less anxious, but to be fair me and my wife just had a baby so it could be the fact I'm so tired and nothing is registering positive or negative. I have my low days, my dark weeks but always come out the other side with a little help from the good Lord (But don't tell anyone, happiness is seen as weakness ?). I'd love to hear your story to contrast your positivity. Is it something that took you a while? Did you heal your own negative thoughts by yourself or do you adhere to any particular spiritual path? Or did you just manage find a good shrink? ? I'd love to know a bit more ☮

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For me, I wasn't and still am not interesed in seeing a shrink. I think SPS is a spiritual sickness and one from the heart not mind, so by practicing kindness, meditation and positivity, my world got more positive. I am a believer in the Lord. I don't want to offend anyone's beliefs.

My struggle with negativity is sunny with bursts of rain. It's mostly okay, but sometimes I'm reminded of my size in relation to others and I'm immediately upset. It took me years to apply the fact that life is so much more, so when I do get these moment's I sit down and count my blessings, I count my family twice.

I'm 41, married with 2 sons so I know the pressures on you must be enormous. My sons put things into perspective for me. They help me realise that sps, in the grand scheme of life, is not that much of a big deal. It's a young man's worry I believe. If I knew then what I know now, I would have worried less about my genitals and more about my time in this world. I mean, ask an old man on his death bed his qualms with the world, would his genital size factor in?

I wish people on here chose to reject their negativity. Once you let the darkness in it's easy to drive yourself insane. Things are what they are but how we see them matters most. Keep busy and stay positive is something I would recommend everyone to do.

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