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Have you ever had a dream about someone else's SO?


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All the time lol. Do fantasies count? Because they're pretty regular too, didn't have sex for about 10 months and was dreaming about banging all sorts. I was fantasising about almost every chubby girl I saw, just imagining what they look like, what they smell like ?. Hopefully the old in and out will start up again soon because I'm slipping back into peculiar habits ?

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(If fantasies count) I've been fantasising about a former, married colleague of mine since the beginning of the year. I still need porn to get hard but I'm constantly thinking of her the entire time I'm helping myself. If I weren't ashamed of my cock I would certainly be an asshole and try my luck with her. As far as actual dreams are concerned yes, again, I dreamt of two other former colleagues from the same job. ? Hey, what can I say... I had hot colleagues.

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Dreams and fantasies here all the time! I like to find a porn clip (i like amateur clips as opposed to pro shot) with a girl that looks like my ex-wife. I've had very taboo dreams, i won't even share them here lol....I think when you're not having regular sex it's normal to have dreams and fantasies that normal people might not have. 

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