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I'd never watched the film. One of those movies that just passed me by, so I thought fuck it, I'll give it a whirl. The opening scene is a guy slicing up a prostitute. I knew before it was even mentioned that it was cock related. The 'whore' had "giggled at his tiny pecker" because "she didn't know no better". Lol, that's a great start to a movie XD. I'm gonna go finish watching it...

Any other movies ruined by small cock jokes or themes? Scary Movie springs to mind ?

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Lol. Wow, sounds like a great start. Did it end up being a good movie? I've always thought about watching it. 


The gf and I were watching The Leftovers last night and there's been a few scenes where you can see dicks. Last night the gf looked at me with a shocked look on her face cause one of the more main characters, you could see his cock. She was like "oh wow, did I just see some dick? Hello!"

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'Unforgiven' is a great movie, and yes...the whole movie is about this group of hookers who hire 3 gunmen to kill the guys who slashed up this hooker because she laughed at "his tiny little pecker". The ex and I were watching "Walk Hard' a few years ago and there were visible penises in it. One guy was standing there totally soft, un-erect and the wife giggled "hey, he's as big as you are when you're hard". But it was just a joke between us, she really didn't care. 

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