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Cut or Uncut?


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I've only ever known one guy who was cut and that was medical rather than religious. I personally think circumcision should be outlawed, (☢Rant☢) it's child abuse in my eyes especially as so many become infected causing serious illness and even death (☢Rant over☢). But mainly because foreskins are fucking great, saves lubing your cock every time you have a wank (my friends main gripe was how sore he'd get because of it).

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I'm uncut, but I'm not the typical uncut guy where the skin covers the entire head. The skin covers like maybe 25% of my head and when it's hard pretty much my entire head is visible. It's certainly different and the girls I've been with are usually intrigued by it cause they have never seen it before.

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Yeah, I like it too. But when my dad first mentioned anything about my dick, I think he was trying to explain this to me, but he started it off with "Now, the reasoning your penis doesn't look normal......" and then we pulled into the garage and I didn't hear anything else after that as I just got out and went to my bedroom for the remainder of the evening.

That stuck with me and I think that was the point in which I thought I had a small penis. And then things grew(no pun intended) from there. But now looking things up online and such, I like having it there. I like the look of my penis with the skin in that sense

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I am so glad i am uncut.... Thanks mum and dad. I do have a tiny penis and it is covered 24/7... even in sex it is covered. it defiantly has to the sensitive side of things.. I will share i have ejaculated 2 times walking naked and the tip flipping about... yes it is true.. 

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