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So I was on .5mg of risperidone and 100mg of sertraline, but I was having some side effects. The risperidone caused me to gain a lot of weight and the sertraline um... decreased libido. I was rlly unhappy with this and complained to my psychiatrist. She switched me to 1mg Guanfacine and 50mg sertraline. So my problem is that 2 days after I started, I started having dry mouth (a side effect of guanfacine apparently) and I had an anxiety attack bc I was afraid I was getting diabetes. I've gotten over that but I still have dry mouth and have been feeling a lot more anxious than I used to before switching. I'm really not happy with how I'm feeling (the dry mouth sucks and I hate it and having an anxiety attack for a week isn't fun either) I fear that the dry mouth side effect will never go away and I'm also scared that Ill never find a medicine that'll help me or that I'll have to go back on risperidone (bc again, weight gain is not what I need) please help me, thanks!

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These are the usual complaints that we get to hear everyday from users of these antidepressants and anxiety patients. Either you become too reliant on them and can't seem to function without them or the side effects start to kick in and you are good as useless. This is why I tend to stay far away from these conventional modes of treatment. I have always used medicinal marijuana to treat my anxiety and depression and I have been utterly satisfied. Marijuana has no side effects as such and it works perfectly to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety; highly recommend it to all.

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