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Going back to old habits....


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Soo regent's are a few days away and im here digging my finger nails into my arms....again....i stopped this habit but it came back for a visit lol....i rarely draw blood but i don't know im doing this untill i feel it. I have marks on the back of my neck from when i took my spanish test....i don't ducking speak spanish......(extra dont have to read)"it will be sooo fun to explain them to my boyfriend (note the sarcasm) hes so going to kick my ass?.....not in a mean way but in a "do it again and see what happens" type of way....at most i will have a red mark .....and he is against hitting girls.....but its seems like its the only way i learn.....and this would be the second time the first one was because he caught me smoking....but me and him already talked about it....he will probably let it go with a warning.....leave it to me to get off topic lol"

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