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Scaring Myself

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The sad truth is that she's not your little girl anymore, she's turning into a woman and you're on a dry spell that Buddhist monks would be proud of. It's hard watching them grow up and stop being dependent on us, but it's a unique opportunity to form an amazing bond with her for the future, let's be honest, they'll be picking our care homes ha. And you're right, if you're a sexual guy that's cut down from 4 to 1, that's backed up natural urges. But tbh that's pretty standard for guys, about 4 times when we're alone and once if we have a family, if we're lucky. 

But as for her picking up on vibes, they don't. I recently told my gf something that happened to me as a kid that I thought was so obvious to everyone, but she didn't have a fucking clue. You're not gonna act on it so it's just guilt for thinking it which is pretty standard for all humans. We all have inappropriate thoughts, but that's all they are, thoughts.

If I was you I'd do some dating. Not having relationships makes us go a bit peculiar. My fantasies are a hell of a lot darker when I'm single compared to when I'm getting regular sex. Get back on the scene, even if it's just as friends at first. And be kind to yourself. You sound like a nice guy, no point over thinking it all. 

And maybe make a bit more time for yourself to masturbate, we need that like they need to shop for new shoes lol. 

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