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Hello, my name is Lauren. 

I have Dysthymia, OCD, and acute anxiety. I have a hard time making friends because I honestly think everyone hates me, but my therapist said I should try connecting to others with similar problems to me, so, here I am. 

I'm 23, married, and I hate myself. Who can relate? 

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Welcome to our community, Lauren. I'm Beth. :)

I'm sorry you're coping with so much. :( I can relate to the struggle with anxiety and I have a daughter who has OCD. I hear that you feel harsh with yourself right now. Is there also a part of you who feels compassion for yourself? I hope so. You're going through a lot and doing the best you can to manage and cope.

Is your husband supportive? 

Take care, Lauren. I hope expressing yourself here is helpful.

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