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The small flaccid grower can have the same phycological issues as a small erect penis. Although it ties more into how people perceive us rather than whether we are actually statistically average or higher as in your case. A lot of people forget about men dealing with penis related issues if they aren't classified as 'small' but I personally believe that penis related body issues affect every man alive to some extent, and if not now then as the body gets older and struggles to keep up with the workload or in some cases refuses to work at all. Anything that makes us feel less than we would like is an issue that needs addressing. So many men commit or attempt suicide over lack of communication in fear for being judged as less than. And it's not talked about anywhere near as much as it should, if anything it's brushed under the rug as weakness or not important. If you feel up to it, share your story or as much as you're comfortable with to give us an idea of what you deal with specifically in your day to day life. Nice to meet you, Peter. Welcome to the forum ☮

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