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This Morning - SPS videos


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I just stumbled across them while watching something else. They make me cringe a bit tbh, but that could be because of the show itself. Also the term 'micropenis' is thrown around quite liberally which I don't think some of them have but still, they're braver than me and probably half of Britain. 

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@YOTH  . I've actually seen this on youtube before and found it quite interesting. Especially when one of the guys who has a 3 inch penis said that no one has ever commented or said anything negative about it. I wonder if that's really true. Anyway, I wish I knew how to upload a video hear. There's actually a video on YouTube titled "Asian guys= Small penis?" By a well known comedian named Timothy  DeLaGhetto who basically admits to having a small penis but doesn't think it's that bad of an issue. It's actually kind of funny lol. I've always wanted to post the video here but never knew how. You guys should check it out !

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@emed27 if you copy the videos URL to clipboard, you can paste it straight into the comments. Yeh, I wondered that. I'm not sure if he just didn't pay any attention to it or whether it just didn't happen, either way, lucky him. It's a strange one, I suppose if something doesn't define you and you diffuse the whole stigma with honesty and humour, it could be done, but I can't see how myself, but there you go :)

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