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Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)


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Hello All,

I did a quick search on this topic and didn't find any previous discussions so I thought I would start a thread. I was watching a show the other night, Black Sails, on Amazon Prime and one of the main characters was buried alive by pirates. He dug himself out and approached them without them realizing it (much more dramatic than I am telling it for sure). They cut the camera from the pirates to the guy and he was nude. They showed him full frontal with a very large flaccid penis dangling between his legs. I'm not a great judge of these things but I would guess 6-7" flaccid and very thick. It looked like an elephant trunk but it wasn't designed to be humorous as this was a serious scene.

It made me wonder whether directors/producers use penis size to make points within the movies. I know some of it is purely comedic with no real rationale but this wasn't a comedy and in this particular case, the guy is a dark and mysterious muscled up  "stud" pirate that sleeps with all kinds of women. He is the "tough guy" and a real "man" without even seeing his penis. Now I don't know if that was his actual penis or a prop but I had to wonder..."what was their purpose for even showing it? did they want to show it that large for a reason? were they trying to imply something?

On the opposite end of the spectrum is one of my favorite movies, The Hangover, where Ken Jeong is shown naked. I remember him lying there covered up and the only thing you could see was the head of his penis in a mound of pubic hair. He appeared to be about 1" long flaccid. The other main characters looked at it trying to figure out what it was (they didn't even recognize it as a penis). One guessed mushroom if I remember correctly. First off, I don't know if that was really his penis or a prop (it looked like mine with more pubic hair so it's definitely possible that it was real) but real or not, what were the producers/directors trying to do here? Was it a stereotype thing because he was Asian or short? He was the brunt of most of the comic escapades so were they saying he was weak or submissive or less than manly?

I would guess that most movies show guys with the upper side of average or bigger cocks and I really wonder if there are subliminal or at the very least purposeful messages they are trying to get across to the viewers.

I did a little research and found these as well...

Ricard Gere - American Gigolo - Well endowed

Football Player - Any Given Sunday - HUGE (Showed Cameron Diaz in the locker room scene)

Kevin Bacon - Wild Things - Above average

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Jason Segal - Well endowed


I'm curious what others think about the reasoning or intent behind size in movies. Does it reinforce SPS with you if they are making fun of little one's or if the big ones appear to be "gods" or "studs? I'll give my opinion in a follow up post but I'd like to hear from others (male and female).

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There'll always be bigger, more handsome, richer and smarter guys than you. Problems is how does one fit in the grand scheme of things and the majority of men. I'm depressed to no end craving for a life I won't be able to have because the many opportunities that I wasted not because I wasn't born with a 7-8 inches of length one but due to the fact I was born with a 5 inches something, thin with pearly papules excuse of a penis....


I would give a lung or a kidney to be 6.3 long with an average 5 inches of girth. You know, average.....

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@Helpless_loner I think your "averages" might be high. In reality, 5" (boned pressed) is almost dead center average so in length you are not, by definition, "small". For reference i am only 3.5" boned pressed in length so you are 43% longer than me. If you didn't measure bone pressed then you might actually be longer than average. Trust me on this, I've read every credible medical survey ever done.

Since you didn't mention your girth I can't comment on that other than to say the averages I've seen run from 4.5 - 5.1 and vary based on how the measurement is done. You should measure at the thickest part of the shaft.

I can't speak to the pearly papules although that may be a medical condition to get checked out.

In the end, we all have our burdens that we bear and my post was really about thoughts on why they show the peni they do in normal movies (non porn). I still think they are using size (both small and large) to reinforce an agenda or expectations.

I have never seen a small penis main "stud" in movies and I'm fairly sure that I never will but I still wonder if it is by design that all the "studs" and "hunks" in movies are shown well endowed (either through props or reality). Are the movie companies trying to reinforce the "big is always better" mentality or that it takes a big dick to be a "stud"? I think we all know that there are many handsome and well built guys out there with below average sizes but for some reason they are never shown naked on screen.

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Good topic. I think it has more to do with titilating the audience than with reinforcing the big=good, small=bad system. It does reinforce it. But i don't see that as a reason why directors choose hung guys for nude scenes, or at least portray studly characters as hung. I think they do it for just the same reason they choose muscular men and beautiful women with big breasts. They are nice to look at. Eye candy sells.

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Same with Ben Affleck in Gone Girl. The guy should start movies with his cock out, because as much of an ok actor he is, leading with his dong would help him out being taken seriously as Batman etc. Burtmurn: Pass me that bathrobe, Alfred. Fuck my life, Al, it takes me like 20 minutes to dry my knob. Alfrurd: Let me do it, Master Bruce, let's not break the habit of a life time. 

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1 hour ago, Lodz said:

Btw Ken Jeong is the man for having the balls to show the world his small soft dick and being totally cool about it. I admire his courage. I don't think any of us would be able to do that.

I completely agree with you on this. If that is his real dick then I definitely have the utmost respect for him because I couldn't imagine doing that in front of the world at my size. 

If I was Jason Segal or Ben Affleck I would likely never wear clothes. :Dancing-Chilli:

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1 hour ago, lostboy1 said:

If I was Jason Segal or Ben Affleck I would likely never wear clothes. :Dancing-Chilli:

I undertook an image search of those and the Siegel dude doesn't look any bigger than most guys I've seen in a change room. I would say that's average. :Dunno:

Ben Afflecks looks like a monster from the angle I could see in the image. I never knew he had a monster. He was in some movie where he played a dude from Boston or other heavily Irish area and he and Matt Damon were in a bar and one of the bar whores he had been dating made a reference to his "Irish curse" or something like that, implicating he had a small dick. I guess the whole movie set got a chuckle out of that and his willingness to play that part. 

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I checked out Ben's because I hadn't seen it before. It does look large for sure but it's difficult to tell at that angle. Jason Segal's doesn't appear to be as large as his but I still think it's high average anyway. There were several different pics of Jason's online and some made him look larger than others. I also used the term "well endowed" and not huge and in my mind well endowed is anything over the average mark.

Also, look up Charles Vane Penis (Zach McGowan). This is the guy I was referring to on Black Sails. He looks very large to me and there are pics of him naked in multiple movies so I think it's real without a doubt. He might have the perfect penis!

Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist but I still think there's a rhyme and reason for every little thing they show in movies. If they show a guy's cock I believe that there is a backstory as to why and that they are trying to make some point.

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29 minutes ago, Lodz said:

Do you think hollywood casts slender young women with perfect skin and perky breasts to make a point? Or is your logic only applicabke to peni? Btw you're the man for using the word peni 😂

I think it depends on the movie and the style. If it's just a "tittie show" like some of the fraternity comedies then there probably wasn't deep consideration of the nudity, it was just good jerking material for young boys.

On the other hand, if we are talking Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct then I think there was purpose behind the flash. Was it to prove her sexuality? Was it to show some level of domination or control? I don't know for sure but I do think there was method to the madness.

You have to consider, showing a cock in a non-porn movie is a fairly rare event and it typically makes a strong statement when it happens. It also limits the producers latitude for other things (I don't remember the statistics but there's a limited number of nude scenes or specific cuss words allowed to maintain content ratings). If you're not trying to make a point, then why show the cock at all? You could probably show many more tits and cuss like a sailor without the cock shot.


BTW I debated on Peni or Penis' but Peni sounded cooler so I went with it.:Dunno:

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