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I'm I the only one that has a problem with it coming out during sex? This is only my second post but I've been reading through here and can really identify with people here. Y'all have said things about being small that I've held secret my whole life. Usually my wife gets on top so she can control the movement and help keep it in. Thanks everyone. I feel I can actually speak about the problems I've been having my whole life.

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That happens to everyone. Just gotta find the best positions and stick to em. One tip I have is to flip around in the bed so your feet are at the top, that way you have more pushing power and aren't floundering and and slipping down the bed like your on a treadmill. 

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@YOTH it happens to some of us a lot more than others. Just saying. And it can be really demoralizing and kill the moment, because when it happens all the time, it's frustrating and a brutal reminder that you're small.

My advice to you @Introverted is to let yourself slip out. Accept that it's part of sex. I know this is WAY easier said than done, but it's the only way. I try as best i can to stay in, but when it slips out (and it always does), i just say oh shit and get it back in there so the fun continues. I have also just let it stay out and rub her clit with it. Then it kind of seems like it was intentional. But once upon a time, i beat myself up to no end over slipping out.

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@Introverted it happens to me all of the time. I have actually gotten better at controlling this (shorter strokes) but it still happens. It's the absolute worst when my wife gets "excited" and starts trying to help out in the rhythm. I can tell how much stroke I have left before I "sling a rod" :icon_eek: but she doesn't seem to have the same level of judgement so when she gets going it's almost impossible for me to keep it in.

As @Lodz indicated, this is horribly demoralizing for me and it's a stark reminder of how small I am. I struggled with this for years and beat myself down every time it occurred.

I have learned to deal with this by controlling the entire rhythm. It's kind of sad to think about the effort it takes to overcome my small cock but I feel like I have "optimized" our typical position for my nub. I stand (yes I said stand) at the side of the bed and my wife's ass is positioned at the edge. She does very little, if any, moving and I control the whole event. This allows me to do multiple things: I can use a vibrator on her clit during penetration to help her cum while I am in her because I'm not laying on top of her, I can control the movement so unless I get overzealous this controls the pullouts, and I can choose to act like I am rubbing her clit if I accidentally do come out. It absolutely sucks that i ahve mastered the small cock but I guess I am happy that gets me laid on a fairly frequent basis.

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