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Am i the only one lurking right now?


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@Small i'm ok. Mostly bored and looking to connect with folks. Work is a good distraction from my "issues", but it's nice to have a safe place to vent about them too. My mind has been in some dark places today. Adolescent trauma related to my size. Stuff i thought i was past a long time ago, but it has found a way to pull me back down time and time again. 

@lostboy1 i know what you mean. It's hard for me to post a new topic. Much more natural for me to be a follower. I think it was the same situation last time i posted a new topic too. No activity that day. If you build it they will come kinda deal.

As for chat, that would be cool. Skype would work for me. I've sent some of you my skype name, and i'm more than happy to share it with all of you, but definitely not posting it publicly.

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9 minutes ago, Small said:

There were times that I took a weekend off & came back to 100+ posts on sps.

That's impressive. That's a ton of activity. It seems like the SPS community on this site is still the most active by far. The other areas appear to be very infrequent.

This is also the only "real" forum ive seen for SPS. I'm surprised that there aren't more avenues to discuss.

The problem with an actual chat site for SPS is that I would imagine it would attract a huge number of trolls. We would almost have to do an invitation only chat room to keep out the "riff raff". Once we clear them through this forum they could "join the club".✅ 

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Yeah, plus a post holds an intrinsic value to it that live text doesn't. A post is more than just a piece of text, it's a body of literature that personifies it's author so people hold them as profound representation of their correspondent. They have political clout. Next to them, live text is jibber jabber with no value.

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