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Hello All,

I month or two ago there was a journalist who was asking around on here requesting some input into a small penis syndrome article she was writing. I think several people on this site might have contributed and I just happened upon the article, today, so I thought I would share the link. It's aimed at trying to help those with SPS,  especially younger people.


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24 minutes ago, Lodz said:

I think i've read every article like this ever written twice. Nothing particularly insightful here. It sort of feels good to be acknowledged though.

I agree. No earth shattering information or revelations but at least we were asked our thoughts versus an editor, journalist, or doctor making assumptions. I honestly wrote her a book and she didn't even put some of my best stuff in there. :P I guess she had to edit it some because I was fairly raw in my details and this was supposed to be an uplifting article.

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This is the most important part:


Australian researchers generated 343 life-size male figures that ranged in body shape, body height, and penis size. They projected these "men" on a screen and asked 105 heterosexual women to rate how sexually attractive they were. The women cared most about body shape, which was responsible for 79.6 percent of attractiveness. (They preferred a triangular torso with wide shoulders and narrow hips.) Height came next with 6.1 percent, and penis size fell by the wayside, accounting for only 5.1 percent of attractiveness. "It seems to be a male preoccupation," Martin says. 


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I know for a fact that the info about women not being all that concerned about size is true, because in my former life as a cuckold, i had to search far and wide for women who were interested in monster cocks. Far more were interested in a monogamous relationship with me and my (not quite micro) penis. The size queens are out there, but they're far outnumbered by the motion in the ocean crowd. Of course both those are outnumbered by the no-monster-no-micro majority.

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@IrmaJean I was very reluctant to speak with her when she reached out. I'm typically very cynical regarding people's intentions, especially when it comes to such a topic. I do have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. She was extremely professional and courteous and her intentions were good. She was trying to write an article to help young people who are just starting down this painful path.

I do appreciate the diligence of the moderators on this site to try and ensure that this is a safe environment for mental health discussions. I know it can be a thankless job at times but we do appreciate everything you guys do for the site!

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