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The constant availability of women to talk to online about sex is driving me insane


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It's late at night, and I am going to be back at work tomorrow. I haven't done a lot this weekend and feel as though I haven't achieved as much as I should have. I also haven't talked to a single human being today and nor have I been outside much at all. It has been a lonely, depressing day.

Anyway does anyone here use any of the following websites for sexual purposes - Twitter, Fetlife or Fabswingers?

I've used all three of these sites and what amazes me is how easy it is to find women who want to talk about sex, and exchange sexual pictures and porn with. You wouldn't go and talk to a complete stranger about sex in real life, but online everyone seems to be doing it?

Perhaps with online there is the "illusion of solipsism" - the feeling that the people you are talking to online are not really real, even though they are? And before anyone asks, it's pretty obvious to me in 90% of cases who's genuine and who's not - the people who I talk to are really who they say they are.

I find it very, very easy to strike up sexual conversations with women on sites like Twitter if they are either porn stars, escorts, cam girls, or just amateur women who enjoy putting up sexual pictures and videos of themselves. Yes, there are some that are looking for money but you just enjoy the pictures and videos from those ones and don't engage further. The great majority it is possible to engage with them in sexual chat and exchange pictures without paying any money at all.

Today on Twitter (I am NOT linking you to my Twitter account which I recently restarted for the 3rd time, having been on Twitter since 2014 with an account which I used to follow sexy women) I talked to several women about sexual things and had probably an in depth conversation with two. One was a prostitute who I messaged privately and the other was just an amateur girl who uploads free pictures and videos of herself having sex and I had a chat with her about the sex video of herself she'd just uploaded. Since I went back on Twitter, I am having these kinds of conversations nearly every day.

I deactivated my account on Fetlife and deleted my Fabswingers account altogether last month, but it was much the same on both those websites but the main difference is that they are less commercial as at least some of the users on Twitter are looking to make money. Fetlife is all about fetishes and kinks, whereas Fabswingers is really just a pure sex site and nothing more. On both those sites, I have had quite extensive sexual conversations with women. I met up with one woman from Fetlife.com and tried talking to two who were on Fabswingers.com but it didn't go anywhere.

The dopamine hit from these kinds of websites is insane. Something as addictive as Twitter when combined with constant pornographic imagery and availability of women to talk to about sex is probably more addictive than crack cocaine. It really is unbelievable how many women there are online who love nothing more than to talk about sex.

So while having these conversations creates a "high", there is a really awful low that follows and I think that these websites are wreaking havoc with my moods and emotions. They are also a massive waste of time and effort as they contribute nothing to me as a person and only make me worse.

Maybe I should just permanently delete all my accounts on ALL sexual websites altogether? But then I always go back to them. It's addictive as hell, and I've been hooked since at least 2014.

In my honest opinion, in 2017 it's no longer shameful for a woman to be a slut. Not in the same way that it was even just 20 years ago. In fact now, it's probably more shameful to slut shame a woman than it is for a woman to be a slut.

Women are way more sexually open than they used to be.

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I only have second hand knowledge of this stuff but from listening to sports talk radio and young guys I work with it sounds like a young guy in his 20s that is good looking, good in the sack, and has "swag" and "game" - Tinder is like shooting fish in barrel.  

So many women are working full time, going to school, etc they don't even want a relationship just a good time.  

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Tinder is a somewhat different beast. Ostensibly, it's not about sex but I'm sure that there's plenty of that goes on, no doubt at all.

I've joined Tinder recently but have not had a huge amount of success on it. In contrast, I've had probably about 30 dates off POF - as well as several relationships and had sex with (or done sexual things with) 4 women I met off that site.

It seems to me that Tinder is more looks based, and that would mean that the best looking guys would do better than anyone else on Tinder. It's fairly shallow.

In contrast, POF at least has profiles where you can explain some details about yourself and what kind of a person you are.

While Fabswingers and Fetlife can be used to meet people, that's not the primary purpose of Twitter although the DM (direct message) feature allows for people to get in contact, exchange numbers and meet up.

There's all sorts of messenger apps that people use - Whatsapp is a major one but Kik Messenger is an interesting one because it provides a degree of anonymity as you do not have to disclose your phone number when using it! That means it's great for quasi-anonymous sexual chatting.

I've never used Snapchat, but I don't doubt at all that this is used for sexual purposes as well.

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