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Earlier I made a quick trip to the local, rural dollar store to get a few essentials. I counted 12 people while I was in there and not a single one was wearing a mask, not a single one social distanci

Hopefully you won’t have any jerks Irmajean. I understand the anxiety. My state just mandated the same thing...it’ll be a juggling act between those even bothering to enforce it and those bothering to

The virus has thankfully slowed down here in NY...for now anyway. That hasn't been the case for some other states, though, unfortunately. I hope there is a safe and effective vaccine soon. So many liv

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It's been interesting working a 10 hour shift with a mask on. My main problem has been with my vision. Glasses fog or I can't see out of my bifocals.

I have seen only a slight majority comply with the mask ordinance here. I do wonder if some doubt their vulnerability in this. Humans do seem to have difficulty confronting vulnerability. Whatever the psychology might be, I also feel the less compliance with the distancing measures, or lifting them too soon, may ultimately make this process take longer. 

I can attest that, at least in my very small town, that people are not buying as much gasoline.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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15 hours ago, IrmaJean said:

It's been interesting working a 10 hour shift with a mask on. My main problem has been with my vision. Glasses fog or I can't see out of my bifocals.

I wear glasses and noticed that too, IrmaJean.

Since I've been such a black cloud I thought I'd offer something inspirational. I don't really do inspiration, but some things stick with me. Maybe it will help people feel better.


"I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.

"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

~ The Fellowship of the Ring


“No good sittin’ worryin’ abou’ it. What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”

~ Rubeus Hagrid, The Goblet of Fire


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This thing is really starting to get old for people. Luckily here the weather has been cool & dreary but once Spring gets here for real the compliance will plummet.  
Americans are not good at not doing what they want to do.  To be fair for the last 50 years we have been programmed w endlessly repeated messages like “don’t just sit home” “go out and eat” “go shopping” “throw a party” “join a gym” “dance the night way” “look who’s in concert” “travel the world - rates are down” etc etc as we were herded into joining the service sector economy.  My grandparents never did any of those things apart from essential shopping. 

Anyway my crystal ball in broken but I do worry about where this is all headed economically as well as medically.   Hope everyone is hanging tough. @Daveuk how are you doing?  Haven’t seen anything in a while.  

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Good video summarizing all my bullshit. I don’t agree with his characterization of debt - there is no such thing as “good debt”. My grandparents never borrowed money for anything. If they had to borrow money, they couldn’t afford it and therefore didn’t buy it. Avoiding debt is how I’ve managed to subsist through a horrendous personal job history and how I’m paying bills now that I’m unemployed because I sure as f* don’t qualify for social assistance/welfare. Too “privileged” for that.

He correctly concludes by stating that significant world changes accompany debt crises, and it’s important to remember this is global in extent, although I believe it will hit the US hardest since most Americans today aren’t used to living within their means.

Drawing an analogy to personal economics like he does at the beginning, it’s useful to remember what happens to little old you and me when we can’t pay our bills - the bank either takes your property or you have a shootout with the police. All the China litigation makes sense when you look at it from that perspective...so we’ll likely be in a war or getting close by 2021. 


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17 hours ago, Victimorthecrime said:

I love it when I hear interest rates are historically low but I look at my credit card and see 17%.


3 hours ago, geronimo said:

Yeah, they never pass the reductions on 😯

Nothing ever trickles down except shit.

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Here’s this fellow again discussing crypto currencies. Hard to gamble though with no income. I doubt anyone struggling right now has a “portfolio” L-O-L. But it’s true there’s always a way to profit, even during disasters. Except if you’re a schlimazel like me who loses no matter what.

He briefly mentions decentralized finance using some acronym I’ve never heard of, but confirms what I’ve said about crypto’s and centralized banking. There will never be a “one world currency”. That is bullshit strategically seeded to make people fear it and then act like they’re in the know on some big conspiracy when it was never more than a red herring that most people are aware of to some degree. Same with one world government. Expect to hear increasingly ramped up hysteria regarding these two subjects in the coming months/years (and tied to Israel) and how decentralization is the cure. 


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5 hours ago, geronimo said:


There seems to be a bit less pollution in the sky/air.


Yes I agree. I am, for better or worse, a very sensitive person and I can detect how much cleaner the air is. It is a simple pleasure just to stand outside & breathe.  
After a long week I just woke up from 3 hr nap! 

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