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Pedophile father and my issues

Dark Passage

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Dark Passage, welcome to our community. Let me say that you are exhibiting the signs of being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay stressed out, and who wouldn't be????! That is a very shocking thing to be going through. I commend you for keeping it together and not drinking. That is awesome. To answer your questions, there could be more to your dad's secret side, or not. You will find here in the sexuality section people that struggle with pedophilia. Your other questions though, are about you and how you are going to cope. You have some signs of high anxiety (though I'm not trying to diagnose you), so you might find some help in that section and also in the self-tools section. I highly recommend getting some help from a therapist. Is that anything you'd consider? You are dealing with so much, and a good therapist could really help you find healthy ways to put some perspective on this and help you cope. We will do what we can here too! Keep writing if that is helpful. That is what many of us here do to keep it together!:)

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Hi Darkpassage & welcome to our Community!

WOW! You have been through a lot! Personally, I don't think your father is being upfront with you. I think there's a lot more than meets the eye!

But... And thats a big but... Your father will have his reasons for not being up front with you... Maybe he doesn't want to hurt you anymore than he's already hurt you?

How is your fathers Mental state of mind? What I'm saying is... Has he got all his faculties, does he know what he's doing? You see at he's age, he could be troubling with Dementia or something along them lines... I don't know as I'm not a Psychiatrist!

This is going to be extremely hard for you, it's bound to be. He's your dad!

You don't mention whether your father is getting any treatment for his mental health. He should be allowed to see a doctor! Also, I think you would benefit from seeing someone in Therapy or Psychiatrist/Psychologist who could maybe help relieve the pressure that you are facing!

I really hope you pull through this one, but it's a hard one... Good luck!

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