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I have been struggling for a few years now. My wife left with our child for greener grass! My pain was uncontrollable I just wanted to disapear .

Over the past two years we became close again and had another child. . Now she has found something different again and we are about to part

Feel like I should be able to cope but scared of loneliness. There is no one to talk to. I have no friends no one close but her. I can't be around to many people or I panic .

Some days I am on top of the world some days I wish there was no world. You may say I am a selfish person and you would be correct. I try my hardest to just live day by day and it had worked so far but the bad feelings are lasting longer

I just need an outlet and that's why I am here. Last time I was given medication only to find myself taking ten times to much. I don't think I will kill myself I just find myself pushing the boundaries to the extreme. I would hate for my kids to think I did it on purpose.

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I have tried therapy and medication neither are long term fix for me. I think I need to curl up and be alone for a while.

My kids keep me going to work and they are the reason I get up in morning.

Its just such a hard world to live in. Thanks for your time . I need love in my life to get me thru. . . When I lose that I lose myself. Although today is a really bad day for me I think I ok.

I think I need to go back on meds to help.

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