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Hey there I’m struggling with a small penis and I would like to connect with other men dealing with the same issue I could use some friends that I can relate since I don’t have friends anyways because my anxiety over my small penis makes me exclude myself from so much and so many of you’re open to become friends and support each other with our issues feel free to contact me if you’re in the starts you can reach me at 2036314374 or if you’re not in the states email me at jjuan_47@yahoo.com 

I really hope I can make some good friends here all ages doesn’t matter to me what counts is that we can relate to each other and support each other 

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Hi, Jonov, welcome!

I encourage you to use the "private message" option to give your e-mail address to other membres of the forum because posting it publicly is a security hasard. (You might start getting a lot of spam...)

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