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Why i get so mad for?

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aight i searched anger in google because i needed help trying too figure out how come i get so mad sometimes =/ like wow i get really pissed off and i feel like an animal or something haha.... anyone know the problem? heres an example of how i sound (vanilla ice's issue) usually the only way i get rid of it is by ... lifting weights and stuff but is there another way


like i found ways too get rid of it but seconds later i could click back on and i wanna know how come... any idea's?

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anger problems can be difficult to deal with - but there are whole programs that have been developed which help teach people who are angry ways to better manage their anger. You can read about it in our Anger Management topic center

Are there specific things that get you going, or is it just a general thing - you're constantly feeling angry and any little thing can set you off.

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Just stopped by cause the topic caught my eye,(I get angry and very self destructive at myself because of my health) and just wanted to say thank you for the link. I'm going to check it out, never heard of it before. I'm very depressed these days because I cannot work anymore and I'm only 50. I'm getting SSI and SSD payments so they keep me off the streets(spent the year 2007 jobless and homeless in Houston, TX but eventually found a job here in Dallas. However; I lost my job here because I had too many heart attacks (four major ones) that put me in the hospital and I missed too many work days. After losing my job, I suffered three more major heart attacks and also got struck by an automobile which ruined my left leg(only good leg, my right hip is deteriorating due to a compound, commutated fracture of the femur) and now I have congestive heart failure with an EF of 15%! I hate that my body has suffered so much already and now I cannot sleep because I'm always coughing up mucous and hurting from my hip and left knee. I tend to slam my head into walls(plaster, brick, whatever cause I can't stand to be alive -- it hurts so much). Anyhow, that's just a small portion of my problems, I could go into detail but won't bore you with the details. Just know that you have helped someone else.


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