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How to get through upcoming vacation:(


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My Foster family gave my son and I A Three day trip to Disneyland for A Christmas Gift. All expense paid, or then food, LOL. That is a very generous gift for my son . I was still getting over a severe Self injury during the Holidays, and it was a difficult Holiday season.

Now that the injuries are healed, and the vacation is next week, I am a complete mess. I have Not house only when completely necessary in several months. I may seem sefish and a complete moron too, but my Foster Father & I had a big argement in Jan. that has left me very uncomfortable to accept the gift. However, for my son's sake I recanted and now WE HAVE to go:eek:

What ought to be A joyous time , is a incredible, anxiety , stressful producing nightmare. I may be over dramatizing my feelings , however It is the way my emotions are going all over the place. I am taking more and more of the anxiety pills that are perscribed just to get through the day and to calm down. Sometimes a little too much that knocks me on my ass. Just makes me sleep.

How to go and leave my beloved little Yorkie ? How to leave the safety of my home? How to put up with my High Functioning autistic 15 yr old boy?> He makes me nuts already, just staying with him ! A special needs teenager , how "fun" :) is that?

i've wanted to SI so badly , but can't till we get back! To many fresh burns and rides don't mix do they?

How to get through this trip? How to pretend to my son I am having such a great, wonderful time too? Fake smile, fake, happiness, fake, me , to numb out reality is what will happen. Again, and again just to fake survive . G.D. It. Is there an easier way to get by? Sometimes, living can be such a pain . Something nice, and fun that is suppose to be wonderful for the family is a nighmare to go though. WTF is the matter with me? I am too negative, cynical , and downright pissy most of the time. This is why I should >>> Don't mind me, it is just that I feeling rather out of control and a bit hateful. :mad:

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You don't sound like a moron at all! I have a very difficult time with vacations and such, as well. In fact, the last 3 trips my family has taken has been with another family because of my anxiety! I wanted to take my kids to WDW in 2007 but was terrified of what would happen to them if I had a panic attack. So, my brother and SIL went with us. I was able to relax a little more. I did have anxiety several times and at least 2 panic attacks BUT, I was able to walk away from the situation because there was someone to take care of my kids. Then, last summer, my DS was given a "wish trip" from a wish granting agency. My BF and her family planned their vacation right along side the trip and went with us, staying at the same hotel and everything!

I realize this is not a realistic option for you. But, if you can pinpoint what it is that frightens you about the trip, perhaps you can find a way to minimize that fear. For me, having someone around who could help me with the anxiety and be available to take care of my kids is what I needed. Obviously, you are worried about your dog. Do you have someone lined up to take care of her? If not, do that ASAP- find someone trustworthy that you will not worry about while you are gone. Are you concerned about crowds? Actually, this is a good time of year to go- fewer crowds! But, crowds, nonetheless. Make sure you and your DS have a good plan in place in case you get separated. Do you have a cel phone? Make sure he has the number in his pocket or something. Walkie talkies are great, too, but with so many people you are bound to get crossed signals.

Tell me a little about what your fears are. Maybe if we brainstorm, together we can come up with some ways to lessen your anxiety! In the meantime, take a deep breath and relax!

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Hey mscat, I went on a trip to Disneyland a couple of months ago. I had trouble enjoying things (all of the music and laughter can feel overwhelming at times) and I was depressed but I’m glad that I went. I understand how challenging it can be to do something like this. I only went for my nephews. They were so excited to see me and I tried to participate and just knowing that they cared that I was there made me feel better about it. I know it may be tough, but I hope that you can get through it safely.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Mscat, Lie_low, Proverbs and all,

Mscat, you mentioned something in passing that caught my eye and I had a "brain storm." By the way, that's a good thing. Here it is: Why can't you take your Yorkie with you to Disney, and all other vacations? And, the rest of you, if you love dogs, why can't you get one to assist you. With a certified assistance dog, you are allowed to go anywhere under federal law. Even if your dog is a pet, you can get yourself and him trained or learn to train it and yourself so that the dog can go with you.

See my photo with my late dog, Mingo? She was a fully trained and certified assistance dog and she and I used to see patients in my office, especially ones with anxiety disorders. Of course, it was always with the consent of the patient. Some of them bought and had their dogs trained.

Allan: what do you all think?????????

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I was able to have my LIttle Yorkie Suzi as A service dog. Your absolutely correct that the individual is able to train the dog on their own. Yes i have wanted to take Suzi with me on this trip, however my concern are the rides?

I even thought if just allowing my son to enjoy them and I hang on tight to Suzi myself. SHe is not actually trained to do specific tasks, actually it is her Birthday today she's 1yrs old :) Suzi has gone in the car and does well , and you are right , she and I are close. i've brought her to therapy and "Steve" adores her. She loves people . And never too far from me ever. She knows my routine down pact and watches me when I take medication.

Tomorrow is therapy and i already have A letter from the Psych doctor about her as a service dog.

My Psych doctor told me I need to have her regerstered/or certified. That I have not done yet:(

My brother is going to take care of her , but three days can feel like over a year! my little dog has done something to me, and it will kill me if anything ever would happen to her, and that is what I believe is my worst fear.

Along with the crowds, losing my kid, him taking off, something happening to him, a terrorrist attack, Yea I know I am so paranoid, a car accident, a rude person, a hateful person, my kid gets hurt, a ride breaks down, A ride goes off the tracks, there is a earthquake, I from the earthquake state, someone grabs my kid, someone attacks us, someone robs me, someone sets the motel on fire, someone kills us, it rains, we get stuck there, we are trapped...

Welllll the llist is endless why I absolutely am dreading this trip!

WE use to live in the San Fransisco Bay area, everything was close, the water slides and so many parks to take the kids for fun. Now out here there is nothing. ANd now, I've changed into something I do not like. the older I get the harder it is to calm down and just believe things are good, and nothing bad happens. Those days are gone.

God I wish Suzi could come with us:(

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Allan, what a fascinating idea! Do you mind sharing: how does one go about getting their pet certified?

I know you asked Allen, but i can tell you how I was able to !

I requested a service dog through my Psychatrist. He wrote A letter . He specifically wrote "service dog" If it does not say anything but Service dog chances are it will not fall under the ADA. There are different types of helping animals. Therapy dogs, Psychatric trained dogs, Companion dogs. A companion dog is what most people have.

A service dog is trained to preform tasks for individuals with disabilites. The dogs reminds the owner to take medication, or if the person has allergies sniffs out potentiel allergens, I just saw that on TV. A little girl was highly allergic to peanuts. Her service dog was with her at school, and it was amazing.

ANyhow, your going to need a letter from your treating Psych. stating that a service dog would be a great benifit to you and your treatment . My doctor wrote something along the lines of seeing me for such and such of time. They do not and should not disclose any personel information regarding your disability. It is nobodys business what so ever, it is against the law for any type of buisness to ask or reject a service animal to go with you.

If you live in a No Pet condo, or house, apartment, your going to need the letter from your doctor, and it is requesting reasonable accomadation to allow your service animal.

If the place you live at does not have to change any of the structure of the building or property, or there insurance does not go up , then they do need to agree of having the service animal on the premiss.

You can also get a service animal already trained, which is in the thousands, no kidding! Or you are able to train the animal yourself.

If I've left anything out, then Allen tell us more ! thanks:)

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