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I am aware that autism is not a mental illness. It is A developmental disability. However, my son has been therapy and has seen a Psychatrist.

He was molested a few yrs ago and ever since then does not ever want to grow up. Due to the fact the person manipulated him and told him that this is what grown up do.

Anyhow, that is not why I am writing this morning about my 15yr old boy. It is because this week he is getting a detailed evaluation by the special needs school Psychologist. She's called me and asked me questions about autistic behaviors and I had to rate my son. She also sent home A packet that I needed to rate him , the ages were from 5-21. I have done these evaluations before, however not a complete one sice he was three.

I requested that it be done because I am worried about my sons future and how far he can go in life. With a person like him, there is a point where they do tend to stop developmentally growing, or cognitive skills taper off.

Now that he is beinig evaluated , I am feeling sad:( Sad for my son. IT feels like all is this is "back in my face" Although it is proven that autism is not the parents fault, It is still very difficult to not know what causes autism , and if there was anything that I have done to have made my kid like this.

All the old thoughts and worries are back concerning my son, and I do not know how to feel, but sad. AND if there was anything I could have done to prevent this from occuring.

I was 95lbs when first preg, had a STD, which was treated, and tested very high for toxoplasmosis.... AND then there were the severe allergies my son has, that was not discovered until he was older. SO he was very sick as an infant. All the time, and even underweight.

He was extremely hyperactive, could not talk, and when he did it was echolaia, and was aggressive. He had an amazing Special ED teacher at the age of 4 who helped his agression . Thankfully.

With the personal issues that I deal with , and then trying to take care of my son too, this is at times too much.

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The meeting was cancelled due to the school psycholgist's children being sick. i am not certain when we are meeting. My son was off for 4 days last week and then the weekend. By Sunday he was really getting on my nerves. I love him very much, however he can be such a big chalenge. i am glad he is back in his routine. :cool:

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I fully understand and empathize with and even identify with the feeling that sometimes it is "too much."


(sigh) again it is one of those extra long weekends! I have my son home just one extra day! Not a big deal right? :( He loves to continue to discuss his own topics of interests. They have no bearing whatsoever. Over and over again relentlessly. Who cares about Stephan Kings Children Of The Corn? the movies he likes and obsessess over. And then he talks over and over about stuff that happened over a yr ago> who the hell cares? I can't tell him that. I try and change the subject, it is always to no advail. He laughs sometimes for no reason at all. He is loud , and can't modulate his voice. He's nearly 16 yrs old , however is cognitively at around 7 or 8 yrs old. And even younger emotionally. He's needy, demanding, and wants to kiss my cheek a lot.

My son, what a handful!!!! He listens to his movies over and over, and he likes the computor , this is what he spends his time doing ! If he is not doing that, he will bug the hell out of me. I am a master at tuning him out though, because I know what he is talking about anyway, he does not change much of what he talks about. He talks about who he DOES NOT LIKE a lot. Or who has been extra mean to him, however, this means he goes back into the years. The kid has a memory. His memory skills are scary. I have no idea how he can remember things in detail like this? I understand it has to be part of this autism. It is a strength he has. I am so tired of the repeat ,repeat, repeat, repeat of topics !!!! ARRRGGGG . God it never ends .

I am venting right now, I have nothing else I can do! I am frustrated. I stay up late just so I can sleep in! Have a little time to myself BEFORE getting up to the same thing > I am a terrible mom huh. Just that I have dealt with him for years and I know my son well. I love him ok! Just that he takes Everything! ANd he loves to EAT. MY kid he's a big boy. he is bigger then me, and loves food.

anyway, it is nearly 2am , and i am fully awake. When he wakes up he usually wakes me. I am a light sleeper, and have to know what he is doing. He is usually calling me , mom , mom , by then too. He will be going to summer school ! Even though it is only for a short time, HE's STILL GOING!

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Hey Cathy, I can so picture what you are going through!! This may not be helpful, because I know it's tough for you to get outside, but heavy physical activity would settle your son a bit. Hiking, riding a bike, playing on a playground, making things in the sandbox, swimming. Can you guys get out in nature, even if it's driving in a car? How about making a recipe together in the kitchen? Any kind of structured activity with steps to it.

Thinking of you today!!! :(

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Guest ASchwartz

Finding and Cathy,

I agree with Finding about the need to get out into nature. In fact, Cathy, can you find a way to get some time away so that you have time for yourself to go shopping, to the movies or have some coffee somewhere, on your own and away from all the stress???


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We do need to get out more . I am not too good about leaving the safety of my home though, However we do have our weekly routines set up . Those are followed to a Tee . It's been real hot in Ca. Outside activities are not fun in the heat right now. Not even the dog like walks ! Will wait till it cools for walks !

I want to get my son into respite care. Have someone watch him so I can have a break. Only problem is that I don't trust too many people with him! My family teases him, and his cousin , is really mean to my son, who is 3 years younger then him ! Why have someone get paid taking care of my child who in turn will treat him like crap? NO thank YOU ! My son will then relentlessly talk about his BAD experiences being taking care of, so it would backfire. Not to be negative, however it has happened numerous times in the past, we have been there :eek:

My son has moments of hyperactivity , oh that is fun:rolleyes: WEll he's going back to school tommorrow ! YAY :( He's just a handful, and I really should not expect him to be anything less then that ! He's always been a chalange. Actually, my son's behaviors were far worse as a preschooler ! LOL . Now that was an out of control , child ! At least he can talk now! He's come a LONG way :)

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