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Hi I am Sarai,

Right now I feel like I can't control myself at all. I feel frustrated at how my concentration level is nonexistent and the fact that I can't get any work done. I know I haven't really had anyone tell me that i'm depressed but I figure 8 years of being unhappy is enough.

I am currently in college and working for my bachelors degree and sometimes I feel like just letting everything go. I failed one of my classes due to the fact I cant get help for myself. I realize that I can go day to day without causing alarm but I know I want to be able to finish my homework in the day instead of staying up until three. Thats when I start going a little insane and telling myself what was the point of trying to do this.

Right now I try to be the best I can be but it hurts. I want to tell my mom but I don't think she fully realizes that I hurt this way. She is a wonderful person but I feel like she would just try to tell me i'm fine. Eventually I would agree with her because thats what I want to believe. I also have problems seeking out help for anything and I would appreciate any way I could be myself again. I can't help but wonder why I can't move on in my life and why i can't be happy. Thanks.

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