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Been crying since last night..... Will be leaving for the trip on wed. Am. I I'am very, very sad. Cried again, when bro was here too, sleeping a lot today, and just feel plain lousy.

I do not want to leave my baby Suzi, yorkie . Her and i are unseparable. I have to cause she is not certified yet. SHe is going to be cared for. But, the closer it gets the more it is hitting me like a ton of bricks. i hate this, and if anything happens to Suzi, well let's say, something surely is going to happen to me.

It this fear of losing her that scares the living daylights out of me. That I;ll never see her again. Can't stop being sad about this, and we have not even gone yet!

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Hi mscat, can you ask someone to care for Suzie in your absence? Once you have found someone to babysit, explain what Suzie has learned to expect. What kind of food does Suzie eat at what times, does she need to be let out at any particular time, etc. Also, perhaps you can leave contact details of the veterinarian, a local emergency animal clinic, and the place you will be staying during the trip for the babysitter in case anything unexpected happens.

As you are going on a trip and you are concerned for Suzie's care, you need to think about what you can do to make the process as smooth as possible. The fears you have are legitimate, but they are only part of the picture. Try to make your fear productive by shifting your focus from the fearful images to what you can do to keep them from happening.

There are a few days before Wednesday! It's not too late to wrap up any loose ends ahead of your trip.

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Hugs, Cathy. I know this is very difficult for you. I do hope you manage to enjoy this trip- you certainly need and deserve this trip. Try to remember and believe that Suzi will be well-cared for by your brother. Call and check in on her whenever you need to. I am sure you brother will understand. I'm thinking of you and praying all goes well for you and your son.

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Thanks guys,

I literaly slept the day away , probably needed it. Took nightly meds, and then someone just now is knocking on neighbors door at midnight.... Suzi starts barking , for good reason, so son comes out and points the finger at me ... Oh well.

I do fell comfortable of Time, my brother caring for Suzi , it is just hating to leave her at all, because we are unseparatable .

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Hi mscat

I really feel for you, it must be so worrying! This is probably the last thing you need to deal with, with everything else that you have on your mind!

Suzi will be cared for properly, as whoever is caring for her you must trust! She will probably get spoilt rotten! I'm not saying that she isn't spoilt for now, but it would do you both a world of good!

Think about it this way; What would happen if you or your son should have to go into hospital for whatever reason? Who would look after her then? At least this way she is getting used to others when you are not around!

It's only for a few days & you could phone home every day, to see how she is getting on!

mscat, I think you & your son need a break. Not meaning necessarily without Suzi, but some where different, some where out of your apartment, so your not looking at the same 4 walls all the time?

Please try not to worry so much! I bet you come back & think, "what the hell have I been worrying about, she's been well looked after!"

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Hi mscat...

As others have said ur brother will take excellent care of suzi, and u can always fone to check she is ok. I used to hate going away and leaving my animals and worried constantly how they were, but u deserve this break and to have a really good time. Its long over due for u and ur son.

I hope the trip goes well, and as paula said u will prob come back and think 'wot was i worried about' but thats easy to say now isnt it!

U take good care

Love jo xx

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Actually, I hadn't thought of it that way , lol . When It's over, i'll look back on it, and then write back on this thread , and you'll all get to say, Told ya so, LOL .

The hard part is going, and leaving her, Suzi Loves Tim, and I'll leave instructions . It is just that I don't thing he will check on her as often as I'd like him to. Suzi is such a social little dog, love to be around others all the time. AND I am very concerned that she is not going to eat while no one is here.

SHe does that. The little booger. Yorkie's are tempermental and will make themselves sick over stuff like this. Seriously, I am not over exagerating. I bought some really goog canned foods for Suzi that she loves , so I'll Have Tim feed her, and make sure he does not give her too much at once, she throw it all up.

I am telling you all this dog is worse then a child. They are very high maintence. But, as you have all said , Suzi ought to be fine. I just ned to be very , very reassured right now.

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mscat, you will look back on this and laugh (I hope, Ha!)

I understand what you mean about being temperamental! My cat Tigger is just the same! to say how I got him being a stray, I only gave him a drink of water 3 yrs ago, or was it 4 yrs? Anyway when I got him he would eat anything, but now, talk about being fussy! He will only have the fish selection in jelly (felix) & they have to be in individual pouches! I bought him the fish selection (felix) in tins, & the buggar won't eat them!

Another temperament of he's is; If he wants to sit on my knee & I'm to busy to sit down, he will meow & meow, & when I tell him that I've no time to sit down with him, he sits on top of the table and faces the wall. He won't even look at me till I sit down and let him come on my knee. I wouldn't mind but, my son said he's treated like Royalty! He probably is!

Don't worry mscat, whoever is watching her, when you phone him up, make sure you phone him at your home, & tell him to put the phone to Suzi's ear so she can hear your voice!

Awe, I really hope you enjoy yourselves! & stop worrying! I know it's easy for us to say, but she will be fine!

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AHhhh Haaa Your little Tigger Prince, hummmm what a cutie. he sounds very smart and has you trained. LOL.

I already told myself I'm calling Suzi and talking to her over the answering machine... For certain:) My Brother, Tim knows I'd rather Die, then have anything happen to my baby, Suzi girl. Too bad some idiot ruined it for all of it to posts pictures , or I'd post some of Suzi .

Last night I did not take the Clonipin, and well i felt a lot better not doing so. I think along with all the rest of the meds I take at night it all knocks me out, and then it makes me feel more tired, and miserable for a while.... So today I had more energy, and was actually better w/o taking it at night. Odd Huh?

It is the combo of meds I believe. Cause today was better. No tears or much sadness. :) WE are preparing for the trip , and got the laundry done... And leaving early WED. am. Tues pm I have an IEP for my Son , with the school psycholigist, and his SDC teacher to discuss hie evaluation results. And I need to buy a few things too. ANd pack. My father will be driving us . ANd the motel is very close to Disneyland. I'll have my cell Phone, video camera, Digital camera, and buy 35mm film for son to take pictures on a regular camera to show the kids in his classroom when he gets back. He has never been and does not know what to expect. HE thinks it is like a carnival. LOL.

In California, the weather has been absolutely beautiful .... The clocks were just changed forward too, and spring is definately here:) Fortunatley, and here's hoping we will beat all the spring break crowds that will flock to these theme parks soon !

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