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well guys, I'm back. my husband passed away on Feb. 28. the service was march 7. it was wonderful, so nice to see people cared about him.

my mother was with me for a little over a week and in some ways it was very helpful and I really appreciate her. but I never got a minute to myself, never had the opportunity to process it all. so she left on wednesday and its all come down full force. I feel like I'm lost, just floating through the days,waiting for someone to tell me what I'm supposed to do next. on a brighter note, I've finally figured out how to make drinkable coffee again!

I looked into hospice society weeks ago. somehow a once a week meeting just didnt seem to cut the mustard. I realize this is a process I have to go through but some days are really hard. there are days I feel dead inside and if I feel, its pain. my mother's remedy is do until you drop, that way you dont have time to think or feel. its great it works for her but its not for me. although I dont think its working that well for her because she still gets teary when she talks about my step-dad and its been two years!

anyway, I'm happy that his suffering is finally over. as a christian I know he's having a ball and that's wonderful, he deserves it.

till next time! (which may be tomorrow!)

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Hi Kari

I'd like to offer my deepest sympathy!

Thing are going to be hard for a while, till you get into a routine! The hardest part will be the loneliness. Try to find a hobbie of some kind. Something to try and busy your mind a little.

We are always here for you, anytime?

Take care & thinking of you in this dreadful time!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Karig,

So very sorry to learn of your loss. You know that, in my experience in my presonal life, the opportunity to grieve begins after everyone leaves and goes home. That grieving is so very, very important, even though it is painful. Just know that it is normal and necessary to feel sadness, to cry, to feel awful and to mourn. Don't let anyone tell you different. We are here for you and please know that.

Allan :)

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