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Lack of desire


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I posted my background story here.


I am trying to deal with my lack of desire for sex.

One thing i learnt during my relationship is that my gf complained that was highly asexual.. I agree on this..

Is this because of my emotional hung up past?

or is it cos

I have some sort of ADHD. i just suspect this. All of my friends, know me as the hyperactive guy. I always need high level stimulation to keep me entertained. I am easily bored compared to friends in college. I need some sort of other activity keep me going while watching movies sometimes...


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well, I have slowed down a quite lot recent times..

somehow daily meditation has helped...started doing it about 2 years ago..

what else can i do slow down?

hmm, I was bought up in culture where sex was taboo...no talking..people are not supposed to have sexual life.

I have been masturbating since I was 18 years....only started experimenting further about two years ago...

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Dev, you have had a lot going on in your life recently! It is understandable that you are having problems slowing down!

It surprises me really! Usually, guys find it hard to get an erection, when they've got so much going on in their life, not to mention all the Stress & Worry you've had to cope with?

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Dev,

In the service of slowing down, have you thought about learning meditation. In fact, there are very inexpensive meditation classes in most communities.

Allan :)

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it's very basic meditation...

it's about focusing on your breath inhaling and exhaling using a mantra...

slowing down and focusing inwards

and trying to control the mind from wandering...

i try and do it for about 10 mins daily.. started about 2 years ago...but i haven't been doing too regularly

but it has definitely helped in many ways..slowing down...becoming more aware of myself...definitely feel refreshed most of the time after it.

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