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I wanted to update from the last posting that I wrote because nobody resonded, which makes me think it was too crazy for anybody to respond to.

YES, I SI"D As you all know that already , the Blisters have already gone down and it is absolutely painless. I spent the day cleaning. However did not SI, Because I did not want the "smell" of Si in my place due to the inspection coming up tomorrow.

I do not expect nobody to understand SI. Not to the point that I Self Injure because the SI I engage in is not really like the average SI'er. I am back on the meds though. SO I am trying not to. THanks to all of you guys for your input and support. It does help. Especially though the hard times. I write something really difficult to write, then there are no replies. Sorry about that.

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Sorry dint see ur last post, and im sorry no one replied to you.

It is good that the blisters are going down and not very painful, im also pleased for you that u managed to refrain from further injury.

On a lighter note hope the inspection goes well for u.

speak soon


jo x

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Thanks Joaane.

Honestly, I am about ready to not post anymore on here about my stuff ... Or perhaps i am too nuts? Cause no one replied, I felt real crappy posting that last time. I took a huge chance writing that down, and when nobody replied, oh shit, I thought, that was it, why did I do that?. It was too much to write or put on there, and stuff.

I have and appointment with The therapist this am , and my son just left for school. i'll be taking my yorkie with me , and she just pooped on the carpet:eek: great. Oh well, I'll clean that that up, cause I have to anyhow and the inspection is anytime after 9am. She is very friendly , and i don't need her jumping all over the management people, which she will .

This little dog is so cool though, it's her and I all the time and I do not know where I'd be without her.

Again thanks so much for your kindness.

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I think you're reading too much into the fact that you didn't get an answer to a particular post. You know all it would take would be for Paula to go away for the weekend, and half the posts on here would go unanswered! :-) It's even possible that the content made it more difficult for people to answer, but that still wouldn't mean that the content was "too nuts". I know I often don't know what to say to people, just because I don't know what would help. And that has to do with my uncertainty, not with what you or they wrote.

I don't think anyone was judging you (and if they were, then as usual, f'em. [The 'f' stands for 'forget'.]) You write whatever you need to write, we'll reply in whatever way we can, and everyone's happy. ;-)

Good luck with the inspection. If I were inspecting, a Yorkie jumping all over me happily would count in your favor.

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WEll, that was just how I was feeling at that moment , and that was all. k? Nobody inparticular.... Just a little sensitive all around , thanks. :)

Got to see the therapsit today and it went well. He saw the new Si burn , and did ask if it had been looked at. It has not, however, i have a ton of stuff to take care of it, and that it the truth. It was a good session. A he is a good therapist. I showed him a paper about a Therapy type for Si'ers DBT and he called right away about it at the Hanford Clinic to see if it is still offered. If it is I may go there , for the group, and check it out. Hopefully it is still a small group . My therapist has dealt with people who SI before, and I've been talking to h im for some time now. Things are better now. He said today that he can see certain things that triggers me into SI , and knows me that well. He actually was not surprised at this latest one.

I was able to let him know wht happened with Disneyland, that man, the first day, my brother, everything. Just saying out loud all that stuff helped me so much. It was the first time doing so.

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