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Hi all,

I have bi-polar but I don't experience the intense swings. I do have highs that last for a few days and also crash too. But again nothing that finds me really depressed or experiencing visions of grandeur.

I have my own business that is internet related and as my clients are all overseas my hours tend to be worked in their time zone. Which equates to working from around 5pm Australian EST - 1am AEST.

Right now I have two projects. One I should have completed yesterday (and haven't started) the other needs be done by Friday. Again not started.

I seem to bursts of energy which I do all this work and then I wake up one day and cam barely keep my eyes open. On these type of days I just have a granny nap in the afternoon.

However I just can't seem to get motivated.

I mean I can come here and chat, play games, watch TV and what not. But work actually getting down and programming code just doesn't happen. Actually it just feels like too much drama and it tires me out just thinking about it.

As side note from around 97 up to 2004 I was averaging around 120 hours a week. I took a 12 month break in 2005 and went back to the long hours again.

I'm starting to feel burnt out again and because of this my memory, like I put my sunglasses down and 2 min later I forget where I put them. I'm always losing something inside our home!

I'd like to be able to take a break but I have commitments that have to be met before I do this. However how can I get these things done & completed when I feel like this?




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Hello, when you push your body working long hours you should compensate it by meeting its needs. So make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and try to keep your meals balanced. Eggs and milk are very nutritious and they will give you a good boost. Nuts and dried fruits are also great snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism up. Remember to drink enough water to keep hydrated as well.

About your task, you mention that directing your mind to it feels like a lot of drama. Perhaps you may find it useful to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish, as in what it will take for you to consider your situation as complete and checked off, and the very next single, physical, and visible action to move your project towards this completed state. The point of this exercise is that, according to Getting Things Done, by David Allen, one cannot actually do a project (i.e. Goal). Rather, one can only do actions related to a project in order to bring a particular desired outcome into reality. By defining the specific next action that must be done for a project, the mind is able to grasp on something it really can do. Further, when one thinks of all of the possible nightmarish things that can go wrong with a project, focusing on what the next action is mitigates the negative effects of such thoughts.

From your post you mention that you are feeling burnt out again. It is difficult to establish the reasons why, but one possibility is that you are recalling your memories of when you were overworked and its consequences while you think of the tasks that you are faced with presently. Should this be the case, it may be helpful to simply follow the above suggestion by focusing on the next action. Allen suggests that the body responds to the imagination, and that the body responds to both good and troubling thoughts in a very real, physical way. Therefore, one should try to focus on the next action in order to bring both the mind and the body to the same task.

As for your sunglasses, my suggestion is to set up an area in the home to place items which you normally carry while doing errands. A bit like how many families tend to keep their keys and coats next to the door, you can commit to placing your sunglasses in a particular area when you return home. I would avoid attaching too much significance to forgetting where you put your sunglasses though.

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