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Trying to beat depression without meds?


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Has anyone done this. I've been on so many and the horrible side effects like weight gain, teeth grinding and sweating, just to name a few. I'm trying to do more possitive things and trying to think more positive(this is very hard) . I'm working out quit smoking after 15 years. I think this is making my depression worse for some reason. But I have been smoke free for 1 month. Trying to get out more be around the one friend I have. Could this help my mood I also have an appointment with a psychologist april 7th. Has any one ever fought depression and won without meds? I would really like to hear you stories. Also how to beat lonliness if you really don't have anyone.

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Hi Jamiecake2,

I was on meds for major depression and PTSD (prozac, wellbutrin, trazadone) for several years while undergoing psychotherapy. A few months ago (at my request) my md and therapist gradually weaned me off ALL my meds. So far, so good. I'm not sleeping as well as I did when I was taking trazadone, but I'm working on more natural alternatives (plenty of excercise during the day, relaxation techniques, etc). Otherwise, I'm doing great. Of course, everyone's situation is different, and wether or not it would be advisable for you to try to get off meds is something for you, your md and psychologist to decide together.

Good luck to you.


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