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Percocets used to treat depression??


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I never heard that about percocet. If anything it might cause additional problems such as addiction and withdrawal problems. Which in my opinion would make depression worse. Exercising is suppose to release certain chemicals that make us feel better. I've been exercising and my mood has somewhat improved but it does not last long. I also am shedding some pounds which improves my self esteem a little. Plus it's good for you. You are not being whiny, your in pain like everyone else here. We all need help and support and I hope you feel better soon.

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That was a wonderful response you gave to sadstar12! While it is true that percocets can relieve emotional as well as physical pain, they are a very bad idea because of their addictive nature. Furthermore, one will always develop a tolerance to narcotics when taking them for any length of time so that more and more drug is needed to produce the desired effect.

Exercise is a hugely better option even though it takes so much more effort. Unfortunately there are no "quick fixes" to depression (or any other emotional problem) that don't involve negative consequences (like addiction).


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I have to agree with the others. Attempting to treat depression with a highly addictive narcotic is not a good idea, IMO. I have never heard of a doc prescribing it for this purpose, though I suppose it is possible. My thought is that people who use Percocet for this purpose are most likely self-medicating which is also not a good idea!

Exercies does release endorphins which are known to be helpful with depression. However, like you, I find it very difficult to do much of anything when in a depressed state so I cannot give personal experience. I jeep saying I am going to give it a try when I "feel better" but then, when I do, I kinda forget the need!

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Sadstar and all,

While I am not a medical doctor, and by that I mean that I am not a Psychiatrist, I have worked in the field of mental health for decades, both in hospitals, agencies and private practice. This included working with many Psychiatrists. I must say that I have never, ever heard of Percocet being used for anything other than pain regualtion.

Percocet is among that class of pain medications that is higly addictive. It is used to treat people who are in acute pain due to surgery, accidents or terrible diseases, such as cancer. Even then, these medications are used sparingly unless someone has a terminal condition and the idea is to make them comfortable during their final months of life.


Yes, this is higly recommended as a way to both prevent depression and to reduce its impact when you are depressed. It is true that when you are depressed you do not feel like exercising. But, all of us have to get ourselves up and out of bed and into exercise mode even if we are terribly depressed.

Depression is one of those diseases that robs us of motivation. But, we have to fight it, even when we do not want to move. So, get up, get out there, and run, dance, hop, skip, jump, ride the bike, ride the skates, go swimming: do it and you will feel better. The more you do it the better you will feel.

By the way, exercise is not a cureall. If you do not feel better even when exercising, then it is time to enter therapy and learn how to reduce depression. If the depression is too deep then you may need anti depressant medications just to get started with therapy and exercise.

Allan :)

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