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Answered prayer? (*Possible suicide TRIGGER*)


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What I gathered from your post is that their is a medical issue you have now that your choosing not to treat. Because the of the research you have done you have discovered that if left untreated it could be fatal. And this could be

your "outlet to ending your life" Is this correct? It is bascially letting a untreated medical issue kill you, right? That is a hard thing to grasp. Are your children adults? Don't you think they are going to eventually know the truth?

I have one son. He is going to need me the rest of his life. I am stuck living. Yes, it is not fun most days, but what can I DO? Anyhow, We do live for our children. No matter how old they are they need us in there lives. PLease don't make any decisions like this. These are extremely painful ways of dying. And extremely hideous. It is better to get yourself treated. Your kids are what is worth liveing for .

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Hi Proverbs, by your own admission, you know that God does not answer prayers for suicide by ending the lives of believers by means of medical problems. So, this health issue that you mention is merely a convenient one from your own point of view. Suicide is not an option for Christians so you reframe your prayers to ask God to end your life. I doubt God would even approve of this rhetorical exercise of embracing his will while seeking death either.

Certainly, I am not familiar with Christianity, but I am sure that God would ask you to seek out medical help for your health issue. As one of your friends here, I also ask that you make an appointment to see a doctor at your earliest convenience to address this health issue as well.

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