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Inpatient Care for Addiction??

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I saw a show once, I forget what show, but this guy was taking this girl to an AA center against her will, and they wouldnt take her. She would have to go there on her will. Remember, it was a show, so I am not sure how accurate it is. Also, some states could have different laws, but I doubt they can "force" you into impatient care.

I guess if you somehow ended up in court, they may force you into rehab or therapy, but you would have to do something awful for that to happen.

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I believe that if a police officer pulls over a individual who was under the infuence of a controlled substance , and goes to court over the citation the court can order the person into treatment. Under these circumstances then yes. Especailly if the individual has a history of being pulled over for the same offense. Or if it is just the first time the court allows treatment for the first offense, rather than jail time. Especially when the individal admits that he has a problem, and want help.

There are family interventions as well. Where the the family gets involved and tries to encouraged the loved oned to seek treatment. However, there is no way it is forced upon the person .

Because It is up to the person to stop the addiction. If the person is not willing to stop the addiction no amount of talking , to the individual is going to make a difference. Until the person is ready to change, or is tired of the addiction ruining their lives. They have to hit rock bottom. It is different for everyone, what rock bottom is. Losing their family, ending up homeless, losing their job, something has to happen , in order for them to quit the addiction ... To see that it is not worth it anymore.

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around here... ANYONE can say that you have an addiction problem and have U picked up and evaluated. Of course there has to be past offenses and they must decide you are a danger to yourself or others... but yes here... you can be force into addection treatment....Then the sad part they can force you into AA... I believe if you come to AA or NA it should be your choice. And yes at times it is better to get someone off the streets that are in the midst of addiction before they hurt someone and a 28 day break may help them see.. Although I know many that have been forced to go and get drunk or high before they make it home.


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As the old Nike commercial said: "Just do it!" You are hurting enough that I think you may be ready to take the plunge.

Don't let the Addict part of your mind talk you out of doing what you know is best for you as a person. My addictive mind, as I have learned to understand it, will tell me any lie to keep me in my addiction(s). As you probably recall, mine are gambling and prescription drugs. I am pleased to say I have not indulged in either for well over 4 years.

As a person in AA in my city was known to tell people trying to get sober: "I wish you desperation." I myself had to be absolutely desperate before I would even consider that I might have been doing something wrong. I am not neccesarily a long term AA/NA fan, but I like this sentiment and think 12-steps can be useful for the person very new to sobriety.

Let us know how its going for you. I hope you find the way to a better life, as I have.

Best wishes,


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Hi catmom, thanks for your support. I am ready for a change, it is just so hard! I rely on the pills for everything, I can say I'm gonna cut down, but than it's like but I have to have it for this and I have to have it for that, like there are certain things I can't do without it :( I don't know, it's been about two years know and I seriously can't stand it anymore, it's not even fun anymore, it's become more of a necessity than anything. And I do want to fix this problem but I don't know how to and I know I need to speak to my dr I just don't want him to be nasty to me, I don't really care for him to begin with but anyway I am working on it, I think I will just try to space it apart more and maybe eventually only take it when I have to for certain things.

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