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The Muse


Anna Akhmatova

When at night I await the beloved guest,

Life seems to hang by a thread. "What is youth?" I


Of the room. "what honor, freedom, the rest,

In the presense of her who holds the flute in her hand?"

But now she is here. Tossing aside her veil,

She considers me. "Are you the one who came

To Dante, who dictated the pages of hell

To him?" I ask her. She replies, "I am".

Akhmatova and Mandelstam were the two greatest Russian poets of the 20th century.

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osip mandelstam:

Who can know, at the word "farewell,"

What separation awaits us,

What the cockcrow augurs

When fire glows in the Acropolis,

And on the dawn of some new life,

While an ox chews lazily in his shed,

Why the cock, herald of new life,

Beats his wings on the town's walls?

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Thanks smallstar. :( I will gather up my poetry and give it a try. I usually write when I am in a bad place feeling a lot of pain inside. It helps me to put it down on paper.

I hope you will share yours someday. It may help others. What kind of poetry do you write? Is it writing about your pain or is it thoughts of life?

Take care.... write any time. :)

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This is a song I wrote a little while ago, it's not the greatest but why not. Not like the girl I wrote it for will ever hear it :rolleyes:

Dreaming of impossibility

Contemplating instabiltys

Losing control of rationality

Just to have it all crash down on me

Terrified of coming down

A kiss lifts me above the ground

Overcome with insecurities

And you barely even notice me

Brought to life by your smile

Daydream for just a little while

Past life in wich we were one

Reality unravels its all undone

I'll just close my eyes and not think of you

Delude myself inside a little cube

And live a lie I never thought was true

Cause I would never have to cry

Had I never loved you

Your perfection caused my depression

If only I wasn't allowed such a blessing

Seems like angels are made just to float away

And leave me breathless without a thing to say

But I'll love you for as long

as my ability to love stays

even if you don't love me

I'll love you for all days

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Thanks smallstar and butterfly,

I don't know wether or not I'll post anymore songs. That's the first one I let ANYBODY read, and that was hard enough. Maybe if I find one a little less personal.

I've written hundreds, literally. I've been writing since I was 12. That was the only one I have memorized.

How about this, I'll post one for every one you guys post :)

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I wrote this while in therapy, one of the many things I'm learning. For me therapy, although not always easy, is helping a lot.

Yesterday has come and gone,

Yesterday will never be again,

Yesterday is gone.

Yesterday I didn’t belong.

Today is here, today is new.

God has given me today, a brand new day

Yesterday is gone

Today I belong.

Looking back over my yesterdays,

It’s clear there were so many fears,

There were so many tears.

Yesterday’s gone.

I can’t change yesterday,

But I have today.

Today I can change,

Today I have choices.

Choices bring change,

Positive choices bring,

Positive change.

Today I have choices.

I can choose to

Stay in yesterday,

Or I can choose to

Embrace today.

God’s given me today, a brand new day,

What I do with today is my choice.

God’s given me today,

A brand new day to begin to rebuild my yesterday.

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Sorry this was a duplicate. I didn't think it posted the first time.:)

Yes I wrote it. Poetry is kind of one of my hobbies. It has also been a very good therapy tool for me. It helps me to put my thoughts on paper.

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I have only ever written about 3 poems in my life. One I can recall word for word even though I wrote it when my son was 2 (he’s 19 now). Here goes

An angel in his bed at night

His sleeping face a blissful sight

My heart swells, I love him so

His secrets safe, you’d never know

‘What secrets that?’ I hear you ask

Well listen and I’ll tell

When morning comes

He sprouts two horns and

Gives me merry hell :)

- - -- - - -

Just a little poem about kids going through that terrible 2’s stage.

Hope some can relate to it and get through with a smile.

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D is for Dispare

E ids for Energy

P is for Pressure

E is for Empty

S is for Sorry

S is for survival

I is for I

O is for Obstacle

N is for Never give up

I wrote this poem about my depression each letter is a symbol for how depression has made me feel. I'm sure some here have felt it too. Enjoy

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