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I'm exalted!!


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I think I have just break through my illness!! I have had social phobia for many months now, but after I read through this book, it's like I'm revived again. It's here:


Not only does it tackle my illness directly, it also provides a lot of deep and useful advice about every situation in life that include people, and it's tailor-made for people with social anxiety too. But that's just the extra, the meats and potatoes of the book lie on it's middle part which is a guide to self-help yourself get out of the damn hole. It also provides worksheets and encourage you to practice a lot, though just reading it alone feeling like brainwashed in a positive way.

It's a good read, I'm getting on with my life again, hope you can do the same :(.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Pckhoi,

I am pleased that you have found that book. Use it and benefit from it. Be sure to do the exercises in it.

Shyness is not an illness although it makes those of who are shy feel awful. But, yes, shyness can be reduced and I am one example of that type of person.


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