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Just feeling worthless today


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Lately I have been feeling worthless about my dead end job and how much money I don't make. I was going to back to school but have to wait until both of my children are in school because I work a part time job and work full time third shift. But thats three years and I have doubts because of a math learning dissability which kind of always held me back. I have one full semester completed but just feel I can't do it because of my learning dissability. I feel I'll always be in this dead end job making hardley anything and I feel so horrible that I can't provide properly for my children. Just feeling helpless today. How do I change my negative thoughts when I feel so helpless?

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Hi, JamieCake2.

The way you FEEL is not the way things ARE.

The world is full of illusions. The sun looks like it's moving when it rises and sets. Confusing our feelings with reality is another big one.

Go for a walk and concentrate on your breathing. Allow yourself to take in the beauty of the world around you and feel the good feelings.

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When negative thoughts are all that come to mind, one coping mechanism is to take action. You may find that it is much easier to act into positive thoughts than to think your way into them. As 2002 suggests, a good, quick walk outside can give you some relaxation. From your post, you have some concerns surrounding continuing your education. How about looking up some resources for people who live with your learning disability? There may be help out there to dispell some of the fears surrounding your ability to learn.

Also, parents going back to school often need to plan ahead thouroughly. For instance, plans have to be made to keep children looked after, and back-up plans should be made just in case of scheduling conflicts. Certainly, this is a little more work, but it can be done! Even if you take a three year break, there could be revision classes or at-home learning programs available that will allow you to improve your math skills.

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