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I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me on this matter. I am on cymbalta which is supposed to have an impact on anxiety, but in my cast it does not. I am wondering what drugs culd be included in my regime to deal with the anxiety as well as the depression. I take 100 mg seroquat night but can't take any more because it plays up with my b/p. I have hypotension. I also have thyroird problem and arthiritis for which I take panadol osteo, fsh oil and codeine. I am desperate to get my anxiety in chck and also my agoraphobia. Was wondering what experiences others have in this field. Also have PTSD, for whih I am getting no help. Have terrible flashback dreams and fight to sleep each night. I have read a lot about the treatment of anxiety and see my Dr on Monday and was wondering if someone can enlighten me to something that may help. It affects my everyday life so I can't go out without someone with me and even then I am very tense and my anxiety level is high to over the top. Please help me as it has taken over my whole life for many years and all I want to do it become "normal whatever that is.

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