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NO and I didn't have to look past the first few seconds and here is why. You can push anyone over the limit. Becoming "clinical" sometimes does not hold true for genetic, clinical behavior or involvement. It just is. Some of the most peaceful, loving people out there do in fact become abusers so to say that it's a genetic fault of their not only lets them off the hook in the blame game but it also belittles the problem and never addresses the actual cause and the fact is, the cause is different for each individual and to treat them in any other way than simply an individual will only prove to be ineffectually but usually detrimental.

Case in point, there are high functioning schizophrenic individuals who live very normal lives as there are many other so called clinically mental disorders and good luck figuring out the who's who's in your work place or in your social life, meanwhile there are so called "normal" people who flip right out under extraordinary conditions. Rape, child molestation, physical and emotional abuse being the most common but trauma in any way can effect a person for life. Examples can be readily found in POW examples. You can push anyone too far and it can create a life long effect but NO, not all people were simply born to that and many of people who were born to those odds were raised in other families were their predestined genetic traits of their family were not given a chance to raise their ugly heads.

Let me base line this one for you, nature vs nurture and if you think you have the answer or if anyone thinks they have the answer then they are only deluding themselves and probably more so then the people they are actually trying to help.

Let's examine relevance. You have 2 things, cause and effect and if you are a psych professional or empathetic then you get to add the 3rd part and that would be treatment. What matters more, that Sally was molested by her father who carries some gene and handed it down to Sally or does it matter more that because Sally was molested by her father she now has mental/emotional scares that she has to deal with for life? A psychologist or empathetic person does not get to stand in a place of judgment and truly doesn't care about Sally's Dad or his or her genetic traits, a psychologist, empathic, psychologist (you get the point) only cares about one thing, let's get Sally to move on to this horrible place in her life so that she can live as normally and with as little pain as the rest of us. I don't care who Sally is, Sally is a square peg who will not fit into your round hole no matter what so you better change your way of thinking and the size and shape of the hole to include her or you can simply move on. Scientific analysis and studies work but only if they are considered into the general realm of things and look at the whole picture. Rarely does any statistic look at the whole picture but in order to help Sally you can't look at her as a stat you must look at her as an individual.

That was the psychologist part of me coming out. Now for the personal part of me. My husband did not fit the profile of abuser, I did not fit the profile of abused, still it happened and the point of physical abuse so you can go blow your stats. What I know from first hand experience is that those stats hurt more people than they ever help. I am, he is, we are, it happened, deal with that and solve the problem, finger pointing and blame does nothing other than to remove blame and normally from those who are to blame. Yippy!

You won't find your answers in youtube or a textbook or a self help book though.

If this is for discussion purposes there is in fact genetic reasoning that far exceed the little micro inspection of this kind. I do not recall the exact statistic, it's either 70 or 90 % of all of those in a state penitentiary struggled with reading while they were in the second grade and never caught up, dyslexia and adhd are genetic but they compound themselves into social problems because in the world today those traits can or did create the perfect breeding ground for social failure, so you get drug/alcohol abuse, mental/physcical abuse, depression, anxiety and BANG raise a kid in that environment and it doesn't really matter how normal they were to start with they won't be for very long. Look at the whole, comprehend the snowball and know that each case is individual.

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