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Trash the meds, trash the pdocs & leave me alone!


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I'm thinking my diagnosis of bipolar NOS may be a big mistake.

Maybe it's the meds playing havoc with my moods and emotions.

My family Dr put me on Paxil about 3 yrs ago and everything went downhill after that. Pdoc has me on cymbalta, lamictal, lithium and seroquel & Lunesta!

Yes, I was always thought of as a bit odd as a kid but I had a disfunctional familly life too.

I don't feel mentally ill. However I am losing my short term memory.

I am just so very tired of Pdoc appts and meds.

My mom suffered depression & was suicidal, my dad suffered depression and was suicidal & homicidal, my maternal and paternal grandfathers both succeeded in suicide and so did my cousin. This is not a good trend for my health & well being.

But like i said, I don't feel much different than when i was a kid.

I have alway felt my moods are normal. It's the way I've always been. It's escalated with the meds.

I'm tired of meds, pdocs and the threat of being taken to the psych hospital when I sink into depression. Just leave me alone and trash the meds and let me get on with my life. Stress is what causes me anxiety. I just need to avoid stress and I'm sure I'd be fine. Aarrrrgh!:P

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Hi journey

Some times it feels like a chicken and egg sinario, which was there first the stress or the mood issue? I sometimes wish there was a way to remove the cayos around me and so I could just see if all my mood issue and anxietys would still be there in the same big deal as there are now. When I feel at my worst I to have huge amounts of other stuff to deal with. To this point I have said I can't be sure it is any issue specifically because there is just to much other around me to know the difference. The only real indicater that I can think of for me is that I too have always felt this way but it felt off since I was younger, I don't know if a young kid can be depressed but I remember back and think mabe I always was a bit down/withdrawn/sad but then again it to was a stressy home???

Either way I think you need some sort of stability on your part to say no to meds, and therapy is a good opertunity to share with someone, I think all people have stress it is really unavoidable I think some have way more, but it is always going to be there it is I think how you cope with it that matters and if we are running short of anything stress tends to hit harder. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just hit pause for a moment:D

Take care

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Journeyupward,

No one enjoys going to the doctor, pdoc or othewise and no one enjoys taking meds. However, we often have to do things like this. You have a strong family history for mood disorder and the pdoc diagnosis seems to make sense. In order to help you along with the meds you should really be in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Yes, one more visit.

Allan :P

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