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Should I Give Up On This Marriage?

Guest ASchwartz

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Guest ASchwartz

One of our readers wrote to "Ask Dr. Schwartz" asking advice about her marriage. To be specific, she reported that her husband has a Bipolar Disorder. However, ever since he was diagnosed with the disorder and started medication his self control and behavior has improved.

His disorder prevents him from being able to work and earn a living. As a result, he stays home with their son while she works 50 hours per week in order to support the family. This causes her to feel exhausted much of the time. In fact, the stress of working so much interferes with her ability to sleep. She has a precription from her MD to help her sleep at night. The consequence of her taking the sleep medication is that she is too exhausted for sex with her husband.

Recently, when he asked her for sex she had already taken her medication and could not make herself available. He became angry and, although he is helped by his medicine, became verbally and somewhat physically abusive. He even said he wants to end the marriage. She does not and is asking for advice about what to do.

Many people live with a spouse who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. Many people suffer from that disorder. This community has been created to help everyone involved learn about, understand and receive support in coping with all the issues that accompany Bipolar Disorder.

What advice would you give this woman? What type of problem do you live with regarding this disorder?

Please join the discussion

Dr. Schwartz, Moderator

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