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I didn't want to give it a more specific title 'cause I didn't want people to see what it was from the main page. Um, anyway...

I'm 19. I've never talked to people about this before, but i've been to websites where other people have the same problem. Every website i've found promotes it though, and I would really rather be normal. Erm...I kind of like animals. It's really hard to talk about it 'cause even on sites like this normally people respond...aggressively. i've never uh, done anything with an animal, and I don't really want to, but I think about it, and I like watching them...copulate, which i shouldn't and don't want to like watching it. it's mostly horses. I'm not a danger to my pets or anything and would never rape them or anything. I know it's morally digusting to copulate with animals and to get off watching them. that's why i'm here. so don't flame me.

okay, I'm done. i don't know where to get help for this kind of thing. it's awkward and weird and i don't really want to tell my parents i'm seeign a shrink 'cause I like animals. that would go over very badly. i don't really know what to do.

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Okay, you have a certain fantasy. You know that it's not that uncommon, just from having looked on the web. You have no interest in hurting anyone (or anything).

From my standpoint, that's not a problem.

What you feel, or what you think in your own head, what interests you sexually, and so on -- none of that is my (or society's) business. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you're not hurting someone, the rest is up to you.

However, you feel that it's "morally wrong", "disgusting", etc. That's when there starts to be a problem, when it bothers you. Now, I'm not telling you to change your morals; I'm just saying that that's where the conflict is. If this is a problem for you, there are bound to be ways that you can work on changing your interest, especially if you were to try psychotherapy. There's no reason you would have to tell your parents the reason you need it, at least not in so much detail that it would be embarrassing. You could just tell them that you have some feelings that are bothering you, that you want to work on.

See? No flames. You're a human, you may have a problem; so do most of us. I hope you find some peace with it.

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Thoughts lead to actions...like watching porn. I have a problem with watching zoophilia. i know that sounds really lame, but particularly when I get stressed, i guess it's kind of an outlet. and I really don't want to promote zoophilia, because to me that's as bad as actually doing it. I don't want to be tempted to do it either, 'cause i feel really guilty even for thinking about googling it.

I've also almost given myself away a few times, which is also why i'd like help. like one time me and my friends went to the zoo and this one giraffe was about to mount a female. well, my friends started cheering him on for a laugh and i guess i cheered too...enthusiastically or something. i'm not even sure. but they gave me weird looks and started asking awkward questions.

my parents are in a tight spot financially. i can't ask them to pay for that, and i can't afford it. i'm not even sure there's someone in my area to go to (i live in a very small city with more trees than people). i guess what i'm looking for is advice on how to deal with the temptations.

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Well, I'm afraid I can't offer you any concrete solutions; I'm not a professional. There are some around, who may be able to give you some advice.

About all I can say is that while thoughts can lead to actions, each and every time, there's "you" between them. You don't have to let this define you.

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I know, that's why I'm here. I don't want it to. Originally the game plan was to just ignore it/resist it, etc, but while the um...temptations bother me less often, when something crops up like major stress (like my boyfriend dumping me) or unexpected stuff like the giraffe, it's much harder to deal with. it's kind of like craving a cigarette when you're stressed. it's like that. i don't want that to be what i want to do when i'm stressed, but it seems to be automatic. i'd like to have a more healthy behavior to fall back on but it's hard to...i guess rewire my brain.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Stripes,

First, you might be able to go to therapy if there is a local mental health center near where you live. Many of them accept low cost clients, take insurance or medicare or medicaid.

Second, what have your real sexual experiences have been so far? Have you had sex? How often and how was it? Or is it masturbation. Don't be ashamed. You are only 19 y.o.

Third, were there any traumatic experiences that you had while growing up and could you explain if the answer is yes?

I am not sure because I do not know you but it is possible that your fascination with animal sexuality is nothing more than teenage curiosity.

Please tell us what you think.


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