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My boyfriend broke up with me about a week after Valentine's Day. After over a year he said he "wasn't feeling it". And he said he wants to be friends but he hardly ever talks to me anymore, despite the fact that I work very hard to keep on neutral topics and to not seem like I'm trying to get him to like me again. I'd like to at least be friends, but he just doesn't seem interested.

I'm also having problems with my friends. My best male friend has a lot of health problems and is constantly thinking he's going to die next week so he does things that are really bad for his health and it's hard to watch him do that so I don't hang out with him much anymore.

My best female friend is going off to a really far away college, and most of my other friends from high school have moved away too. The only person left is a guy friend that keeps trying to go out with me, but I just don't feel that way about him (most of our hobbies aren't the same, he's immature a lot of the time, and when he's mad he loses all respect for his mom, which is something I'm trying to help him with, but I can't date a guy that's like that), so he's hard to hang out with too.

I guess I just generally feel isolated. I feel like I've lost all my friends and my boyfriend, and I feel really sad. There's not even anythign i can do about it except cry. I live in a military community so the only people that aren't going to move away soon are already my friends and, as I said above, they're difficult to hang out with. Everyone's always leaving me. I wish I had one friend that would stay with me.

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