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very bad place


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Hi Andrea, if you will act on these thoughts of suicide, I strongly suggest you report to a hospital emergency. You can tell them that you feel suicidal and that you fear you will act on these thoughts and feelings.

What has happened to lead you to this bad place? Do you mind sharing with us?

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Andrea, hon, please hold on. Find something, someone, some reason to take another breath and CLING to it. Thats what I was doing a couple of weeks ago. I KNOW the place you are in. I have been there- many many times. HUGS!!! If you are really feeling so strongly PLEASE get yourself to an ER ASAP!!! I know its hard, but it sometimes is the only way to get back on track. Hang on, hon, we are all here for you. HUGS!!!

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I'm at a very bad place right now I just want to die. I'm thinking about oding on some meds. I just might do it it's just too much for me :)


now is the time you need to call a friend, and reach out to someone you trust. Your hurting right now, and very sad, it is feeling like too much for you to handle right now. That is why you need the extra support to help you get through this difficult time. It is not a good idea for you to be alone.

PLease call someone to come over and be with you, talk with you, maybe go out and watch a movie or just walk around , in the mall or something. Sometimes, we hit rock bottom, and it hurts> those feelings are overpowering and feel like it wants to control us .

Hang in there, and don't act upon them. Get yourself to a safe place, and do what you need to , first call somebody you trust. A relative maybe? A friend? ANYBODY!

I care about you, take care of yourself, u do matter, and this is what is most important to do now.


Get back to us, so we know you are ok!

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hey all I'm ok I just had a really bad argument with my boyfriend. I'm not suicidal right now. I'm scared to go to the emergency room I don't want to be checked back in the psych ward I'm scared. It's just to much sometimes. Right now I know I need to go into an impatient treatment. I'm just scared :confused:. I just got back on my meds. Just in a bad place. Thank you all for you're concern

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